Protect Your Bottom Line and Mission

Workforce | September 17, 2019

With end-of-year deadlines and budgets season fast approaching, you’re probably facing one of the busiest, most stressful times in the year, and looking for ways to help your organization stretch its dollars. As you plan for 2020, now is the time to take advantage of the unemployment tax alternative that was created specifically for nonprofits.

Partnering with, and utilized by LeadingAge for 15+ years, Member Solutions Partner UST helps nonprofits exercise their unique tax option in a safe, cost-effective way. With nearly 130 LeadingAge Members participating in the trust, and a 97% member satisfaction rating, UST offers the latest tools and expert guidance employers need to prepare for claims volatility, save critical funding and streamline HR procedures.

UST’s nonprofit program enables nonprofits like yours to dedicate more resources to the aging communities in which we serve. Hear what some LeadingAge Members and peers are saying about UST:

“UST has helped us gain control of our unemployment costs—providing on-time responses and assistance on claims when needed." – Westminster Village West Lafayette (UST Member since 2016)

Last year alone, UST was able to identify $2.2 million in unemployment cost savings for LeadingAge participants. LeadingAge highly encourages all 501(c)(3) organizations with 10+ employees to submit the Cost Analysis before Nov 15th to meet the deadline for 2020 enrollment. (Expedite your request by using Priority Code: 2019LA)