Why Members Should Complete the Survey

Part of: 2019 Member Survey

There are 4 important reasons why each LeadingAge member should complete the 2019 survey, says Robyn Stone, LeadingAge's SVP of research.

#1.Compare Yourself to Others in the Field

After LeadingAge analyzes the survey data collected in 2019, it will provide members with a snapshot of the LeadingAge membership. Members will find that snapshot to be enlightening, predicts Stone.

“You’ll be able to use this new national and state data to understand the services all LeadingAge members provide, the characteristics of their resident populations, and the makeup of their workforces,” she says. “That will allow you to compare yourself to other LeadingAge members across the country and in your state on key consumer, staffing, and service attributes.”

#2.Find Out National and State-Level Staffing Data

First-year survey findings will allow LeadingAge to document the number of full-time and part-time employees/full-time equivalents and staff-resident ratios, by position, at LeadingAge organizations around the country. LeadingAge will provide members with national and state staffing data by position, says Stone.

“Your organization can use this information to gauge its workforce, compared with other LeadingAge members in your state and across the nation,” she says. “If your staff-resident ratio is high compared to others in the field, you can use that data point to attract prospective employees to your organization.”

If a member finds that its staff-resident ratios are low in comparison to others, the organization can use that information to develop strategies for improvement, says Stone.

“Either way, it’s very important to have this information,” she says.

#3.Reap the Benefits of Data-Driven Advocacy

LeadingAge and its state affiliates can take their advocacy to the next level when they have up-to-date data describing the field of long-term services and supports (LTSS), including the services you offer, and the people you serve, and how they pay for services.

“Our survey findings will offer advocates up-to-date information that they can use to paint a detailed picture of our field,” says Stone. “Presenting good data to policy makers is the best way to help them understand more fully how LeadingAge members contribute to meeting the growing need for services and supports in your state and around the nation.”

#4.Lay the Groundwork for the Future

The 2019 survey is crucial because it will help establish a baseline of data about LeadingAge members and the nonprofit sector of the LTSS field. With this baseline data in hand, LeadingAge will be able to use future surveys to track national and state trends in the LTSS field, conduct in-depth research on specific trends, and realign its member services and resources to help members address those trends, says Stone.

Most important, she says, survey data collected after 2021 will give members a way to conduct data-driven decision making.

“We’ll be able to give members more and more information each year that they can use to compare themselves with other providers on key quality and performance measures.,” says Stone. “That’s a powerful tool that can help members succeed within our increasingly complex and competitive service environment.”

Watch for the survey in June 2019

Team members from LeadingAge and the LTSS Center worked in collaboration with LeadingAge members and state affiliates to develop survey questions and identify the best individuals within each LeadingAge member organization to complete the surveys.

In June, member organizations will receive one survey for each of their settings including skilled nursing, assisted living, market-rate housing, affordable housing, and home and community-based services such as home health care, non-medical home care, adult day, and hospice. The surveys will be sent directly to the individuals responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of these settings and home and community-based services within each organization.

Each survey will arrive by email, and will take about 10-12 minutes to complete.

“We are counting on LeadingAge members to open that email and complete the survey,” says Sloan. “We’re convinced that knowledge is power, and we’re committed to making sure that every LeadingAge member has the data to help them fulfill their mission to serve the growing number of older Americans who will need high-quality housing, services, and supports in the coming decades.”