UPDATED! 2020 Careers in Aging Week is April 19 – April 25

LeadingAge is partnering with the Gerontological Society of America, AHCA/NCAL and Argentum on Aging Week again in 2020. Check out some of the ways your community can get involved the week of April 19 – 25. Look at the sample activities below.

Why Get Involved?

Let your community expose students of all ages to the rich variety of jobs in the field of older adult services. It may be the first time they have thought of working in our area.

What Can We Do?

Invite students to your organizations for different events, reach out to local schools and ask to talk to students about our field, use social media, and more.

In Your Community

Host a Shadow Day for High School Students
Invite students to your community to shadow your employees for part of the day. Focus on jobs they may not be aware of such as administration, accounting, dietary, and IT.

Host an Open House:
Invite students and their parents to your community to learn about your organization and the range of services you provide to older adults. Have departments set up booths or tables to provide information on what they do every day. Include prizes, contests. Some ideas include:

    • Skills fairs in nursing/pre-med
    • Mini cookoff of snacks and let residents judge
    • Set up easy activities for residents and have students lead them
    • Have students lead devotions, serve communion or lead music
    • Have students help residents with computers, getting connected to social media, or anything else they need help with
    • Have students help lead therapy activities
    • Let students be a safety officer or contribute in plant management
  • Resources:
    • Quick Facts about Jobs in Older Adult Services
    • Link to the Diverse Jobs in Older Adult Services (quick recordings from people in the field talking about what they love about their job)
    • Workforce Crisis Factsheet (the growing need for jobs in our field)
    • Sample social media posts:
      • What are #CareersInAging? We are hosting an Open House on [date] for students and community members curious about how they can work in this meaningful field. Learn more here [include link].
      • Tomorrow is our #CareersInAging Open House! Join us for a fun opportunity to explore a wide variety of careers that serve older adults. Learn more here [include link].
  • Host a job fair with other members in your area. Highlight the wonderful aspects of working with older people.

In Your Local Schools

Go to local schools and talk to students about the field. Bring information and people from your organization that are most passionate about their jobs.

In Your Community

    • Reach out to your local newspapers:
      Send a letter to the editor or guest opinion piece. Highlight your community, what it does, and how many people you employ. Build awareness of jobs in older adult services – and the role you play in your local economy.
      • Resources:  Sample Letter to the Editor:

        Letters to the Editor
        Name of Newspaper
        Dear Editor,
        According to the US Census Bureau, in 2035, people older than 65 will outnumber children under age 18.
        And, right now there is a shortage of trained professionals to take care of our aging neighbors in [NAME OF YOUR CITY].
        That’s why [NAME OF THE COMMUNITY IN WHICH YOU WORK] is participating in the national Careers in Aging Week, April 19-26. This week is our chance to show students of all ages what it’s like to work in older adult services. We will be hosting [NAME OF EVENTS YOU ARE HOSTING] to show students all of the opportunities in our area. Our field has jobs in marketing, information technology, and more.
        We welcome people from [NAME OF CITY] to come to the events. These jobs are the jobs of the future.
        YOUR NAME

  • Sample social media posts:
    • We love our jobs so much we want to share it with the world!
    • Read our #CareersInAging letter to the editor of [media outlet] now! [include link].

On Social Media: 

Sample posts/tweets:

  • Join us in celebrating #CareersInAging Week! Share your experience of working in aging services on social media. Visit our website to see what else we are up to this week [link].
  • What’s your proudest moment in senior living? Share with us during #CareersInAging Week!
  • Take the Careers In Aging Week challenge—post on your favorite social media site every day with something you love about your work and #CareersInAging.

Our colleagues at Argentum also have provided the following tools for the week that you are free to use.