Trusted Business Resources

LeadingAge is curating offers from businesses wanting to help member get through the coronavirus crisis. Following are the available offers. Please check back regularly as resources will be added as received.

Architecture and Building Products:

SFCS Architects

SFCS is offering best design practices and precautionary measures to help make senior living communities safer as the industry responds to COVID-19. The white paper can be found here.


Dormakaba is offering touch-free & antimicrobial door hardware/levers which helps to reduce the spread of germs. Contact to redeem offer.

Communication Services & Systems/Crisis Management:


K4Connect provides technology solutions for older adults and individuals living with disabilities and is offering its flagship K4Community solution to any community at no-cost through July 1, including the resident and family applications. K4Community allows staff to communicate with residents and family alike and includes such features as a Community Social Feed, Notices, Resident Directory and more. The company is also offering a collection of other discounted capabilities including Community Information Hotlines, Digital Signage, and TV Insertion, all of which are available via remote installation with 24/7 free support. For information, email

Soundmind Intelligence, Inc.

Soundmind is a NYC-based startup that provides voice-activated assistants like Alexa to senior living communities throughout the country. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re waiving fees and fast-tracking our services to help residents stay connected and engaged during periods of isolation, as well as assist understaffed facilities in streamlining their operations. There’s no commitment to try, and you can be set up for service in as little as 72 hours. Learn more and contact Eram Azeez at

Eldermark Software

Eldermark Software is a health technology solution for the senior care industry. Eldermark Software is offering an application to provide solutions around remote communications capacity and telemedicine–to aid in the COVID-19 management we are offering it free for up to 90 days. Contact Greg Robertson at or call (952) 314-1644.

Status Solutions 

Status Solutions provides innovative situational awareness solutions. Status Solutions is offering web-based its communication and engagement platform for senior living communities to assist with communication during the Coronavirus crisis. Contact Amy Jeffs at or call (866) 846-7272, Option 1, or click here.

HealthSignals, LLC 

HealthSignals provides Wi-Fi, Cellular Boost and VOIP Solutions for all LTC Campuses. HealthSignals is offering a 17% discount to our Medical Grade Wi-Fi(r) as a Service platform to any community that signs up now (during this crisis).  Rates will drop from $30/month/resident to $25 for any agreement made between through December 31, 2020. Contact Bruce Weintraub at or Jaimmy Chun at, or call (610) 337-1333.

CDW Healthcare

CDW Healthcare Shares Resources on the CMP COVID-19 Communicative Technology Grant. Contact Jessica Longly at or by phone at 224-360-9402.

Ivy Marketing

Ivy Marketing is a boutique public relations and marketing agency serving senior housing and services. Ivy Marketing has reduced all costs by 25% for assistance with hosting communications with stakeholders online but outside of your marketing website, creating press statements, monitoring and responding to social media reviews and comments, and writing positive and “hero” stories about your community to help dilute negative press. Contact Deb Sheridan at or (630) 267-3900

Disaster Planning/Management:

The Green House Project

The Green House Project is offering a free, twice-monthly Covid-19 Best Practices in Nursing Homes tele-ECHO program, aimed at identifying and sharing COVID-19 lessons learned in the preparedness, management, and treatment of the novel coronavirus. Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and in partnership with Project ECHO®.



HJ Sims, Rockville, MD

To help organizations understand the Main Street Lending Program, along with recent updates put forth on the CARES Act and EIDL Program, HJ Sims is providing the following summary:

  • An overview and summary of the SEC’s disclosure statement with our recommendations to best practices and guidance.
  • A podcast with The Bond Buyer.


NextStep, a startup that trains and places workers into high-demand healthcare roles, created an informal online course designed to improve the safety of caregivers of all kinds working with COVID-19 patients in all settings. The COVID-Ready Caregiver program uses expert-developed online learning to help develop safety skills during the pandemic. Through September 1, staff at LeadingAge members can use code LEADINGAGE5 at check-out to access the program for just $5.

The program is NOT a formal certification and does not meet the new CNA training and testing blanket waiver—but it can be used to complement additional training. It can also be used by caregivers, housekeeping and dietary teams, or any staff at independent living, HCBS, adult day, PACE, affordable housing, or other settings, as well as by family caregivers at home.

Pathway Health 

Pathway Health is a professional management, consulting, interim management, executive search and education services organization, serving clients across the post-acute care continuum. Pathway Health developed a full set of complimentary COVID-19 resources for your use, including policies and procedures, leadership checklists, preparation and response strategies. DOWNLOAD NOW. Contact Stacy Jones at or call 612-799-1845.

Rouxbe Online Culinary Training 

Rouxbe Online Culinary Training is a web-based culinary training organization. Rouxbe is offering its food safety course free of charge to all LeadingAge Members. Contact Tom Halligan at or call (503) 793-2835.

The Green House Project 

The Green House Project is offering a free, twice-monthly Covid-19 Best Practices in Nursing Homes tele-ECHO program, aimed at identifying and sharing COVID-19 lessons learned in the preparedness, management, and treatment of the novel coronavirus.  Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and in partnership with Project ECHO®.Click Here To Learn More.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board has unlocked our best practice research related to covid-19 readiness and resilience to support you through this difficult time. Browse our library of resources around clinical preparedness and capacity, leadership support, patient communications, service line guidance, and more.


The Birdsong Tablet

The Birdsong Tablet is an affordable touchscreen specifically design for older adults. The Birdsong Tablet is offering free web version of the Birdsong Enagementment Tablet to help those in isolation or unable to have visitors. Go to now and create a free account. No credit cards. No fees. Email with questions.

Custom Channels

Custom Channels offers fully customizable music streaming for residential living locations. As part of our commitment to our senior living partners, we're offering our services at no cost until February of 2021. For more information contact Mark Willet at 303-444-7700 or at


We offer seniors with a platform that allows them to be creative, connect with an artistic community, and keep up their mental agility. For more information contact Nayan Mohapatra at

Financial Services:


Congress has provided trillions in economic relief to help businesses get through the financial challenges brought by COVID-19. These economic relief opportunities have rules for how they can be used, especially for health care organizations. Tracking and monitoring is critical, but can be very complicated, especially when funding is received from multiple sources. Leading Age is proud to collaborate with CLA to offer an expense-tracking tool that creates the foundation to organize spending in accordance with compliance and reporting initiatives that are sure to follow. Learn more and purchase access by visiting the CLA website here.


From staff training to full outsourcing, McBee leverages expert billing techniques so you can collect on difficult claims and keep cash flowing for your organization.

For more information email

Food Management:


Meals to Go: delivering bistro-quality meals to your residents’ doors. Grocery2Go: easy access to grocery staples without leaving your community. Email for more information.


MonarqRC is a web-based food service system designed to automate your food service operations, elevate resident satisfaction, improve food safety and help your production team.

For more information email

Infection Control & Disinfecting:


The BIOPROTECTUs™ System uses patented, EPA Registered technologies to modify surfaces, providing the surfaces with durable, long-term protection that kills and inhibits the growth of super bugs, including COVID-19, and other microorganisms that can inhabit many of life’s surfaces, while being food prep surface grade safe. This creates a mechanical barrier for up to 90 days extending the efficacy of sanitation processes. Email to redeem offer.

ProCare Medical

ProCare Medical offers electrostatic disinfecting products and services for healthcare and businesses to help mitigate the coronavirus and improve infection prevention. Please email or call 855-528-0421 for additional information.


Sodexo's comprehensive Preventive Disinfection Service is built on three core components: Prevention, Disinfection, and Pulsed UV (PX-UVC) Technology. Together, they deliver a powerfully effective clean and superior results across your operations. Email for more information.


 With built-in infection surveillance trends, an interactive infection map, intuitive dashboard and report panel, ABILITY® InfectionWatch is invaluable in tracking COVID-19 infections in facilities.

For more information email

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

Members are well aware of the current challenges acquiring personal safety masks, gowns, hand sanitizer and other PPE. Many manufacturers of these products are experiencing months-long waits or are restricting sales to existing customers only. At the same time, counterfeit products have been flooding the market—making it hard to identify trustworthy sources. Experts have advised LeadingAge that members should reach out to local and state governments for help getting needed supplies.

In addition, LeadingAge is actively reaching out to suppliers of PPE to identify safe, reliable supply channels for members to check with to supplement existing vendors. Additional contact information and ordering instructions will be shared here as they become available, so continue to check this page regularly.

Known Suppliers Providing PPE Ordering on a First-Come-First-Served Basis as Supplies are Made Available (Please note, some suppliers listed may be restricting availability to current clients based on purchase history):

In addition to our efforts, Value First is working identify additional options to purchase supplies for those members who are part of the Value First GPO. Visit the Value First website to learn more, or contact your local representative to see what options may be available.

National Clearinghouses Working to Fulfill Supply Requests for PPE 

AeraMax Air Purifiers

AeraMax Professional Air Purifiers offer clinically proven protection against viruses, as well as mold, dust, allergens, pet dander, odors, and harmful VOCs. Our machines are designed to deliver fresh air every 12 minutes for personal spaces of 100 square feet all the way up to shared spaces of several thousand. We offer free onsite and virtual site assessments to help guide you through the process to select the Air Purifier to best address your indoor air quality needs. At Fellowes/AeraMax, we pride ourselves on helping protect those who need it most. For more information contact or at 973-477-8186.

Wound Healing Technologies

We at WHT have serviced over thousand long health care facilities with PPE. Everything we carry is on the ground in the US and at excellent prices. Everything gets shipped out that day or next day. For more information contact Aaron Lichtenstein at or at 646-401-4550.

CSD2U Inc.

CSD2U Inc offer to senior living is CleanSlate UV-C light sanitizer proven to deactivate 99.995% of SARS-CoV-2 on non-porous surfaces in only 20 seconds. Kill germs, not phones, including MRSA and C. Difficile without the use of harsh chemicals. Flexible size for property placement - entrance / exit or high traffic room to room service areas. visit

Regulatory & Compliance:

The Compliance Store

The Compliance Store is a family owned business dedicated to helping providers spend more time with their residents, rather than doing paperwork. The Compliance Store has developed specific Covid-19 checklist, policies, action plans, focused survey solutions and screening forms for long-term care providers as a complimentary service to LeadingAge members. Contact Jaime Butler at



Resident Monitoring:

Vayyar Imaging Ltd.

Vayyar’s intelligent sensors can detect early COVID-19 symptoms by remotely monitoring and analyzing key vital signs such as respiration and heartbeat rates, allowing senior care facilities to keep residents and staff safe while limiting exposure. Vayyar’s 24/7 fall detection and health monitoring system provides instant alerts in case of emergencies without the need for cameras, wearables, or buttons. Resident health analytics are displayed through a user-friendly dashboard and can easily integrate with existing nurse call systems. Contact Vayyar at or 1800-834-1590 for more information.



HealthcareSource is a comprehensive talent management suite designed specifically to support the healthcare talent ecosystem. HealthcareSource is offering many resources including free webinars/whitepapers about hiring in a crisis and new talent strategies during a pandemic, free job board postings and a discounted PPE refresher course in the wake of COVID-19. Access the materials by visiting

Caregiver, CNA, & HHA Recruitment Solution. is the largest network of Caregivers, CNAs, and Certified Home Health Aides in the nation. In light of COVID-19, Leading Age and myCNAjobs have collaborated to offer one month free with an annual agreement to all Leading Age members. Programs include access to millions of active job seeker resumes, the ability to post jobs, a built-in video interview scheduling service, and access to discounted partner programs including background and digital reference checks. Email or call 312-566-8520 to redeem offer.

Pegwin Insights

Pegwin Insight’s Workforce Readiness Assessment Monitor helps your facility meet CDC NHSN requirements for measuring and reporting potential and confirmed COVID-19 infections through daily self-assessments. For more information contact or 281-720-8830.


Netsmart has flexible options to assist agencies with sourcing critical IT, help desk and billing expertise on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

For more information email


Secure Care Products, LLC.

Secure Care Products has provided wander management solutions for long-term care for over 40 years. The company is excited to now offer an automated contact tracing solution using it's ENVisionIT® real-time location system (RTLS). This unique solution provides precise accuracy beyond just room-level locating using ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. Automating the contact tracing process saves time and increases the reliability of the data gathered which enables an overall safer environment for residents and caregivers alike. Download Datasheet. Contact your local regional sales executive to discuss how this solution could be implemented in your facility:

Secure Care Products Contacts by Region:  


Yardi is committed to supporting their clients, employees and communities during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The following social distancing resources are available for you to view:


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued multiple waivers for the Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Medicare program. These waivers represent a change from the usual operations for the majority of SNFs, which has led to confusion and potential compliance risk. This webinar will discuss the waivers that affect the Medicare reimbursement process, and apply the requirements for documenting skilled care within this changed framework. We will also review potential compliance pitfalls which may put SNFs at risk for a post-pandemic audit. For more information on this webinar use this link.


Netsmart Managed Services provides organizations critical IT sourcing to scale help desk support models with experts in security, hosting, EHRs, remote access, procurement and more.

For more information email

Beyond our full portfolio of technology and RCM services, the Netsmart electronic health record (EHR) connects all post-acute lines of business to give you one patient record, one care plan and one bill. For more information email

The Heart Legacy

The SalesMail video messaging app is available for free to senior care leaders with C-Suite and V.P.-level titles. Please visit to submit your request.

WellEntry by 7Factor Software, Atlanta, GA

WellEntry is a simple smartphone- and tablet-based health-screening solution that helps businesses, schools, factories, government facilities, and healthcare organizations prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. It’s fully HIPAA-compliant and is built with robust encryption for protected health information (PHI). WellEntry reporting provides an auditable history of screening activity, results, and emerging trends unique to your organization’s locations and business units. WellEntry was developed by 7Factor Software, a custom DevOps and cloud-based software solutions agency that builds from the beginning for stability, security, and scalability. For more information email 


Swift Medical, Toronto, Canada

Swift Medical provides a new Telewound module to provide remote wound management to patients and their care providers at no extra cost. Email or call +1-416-316-2134 to redeem offer.


Netsmart Telehealth™ is a mobile and web technology platform that supports virtual clinical services, and builds personal connections among individuals, care teams and family members.

Click here to learn more or email

Testing Monitoring and Screening

Red Planet Substance Abuse Testing, Inc.

(1) Covid Antibody and Antigen Saliva Test 97% accurate madein USA, (2) Saliva Drug Test Easy Maintain 6', 2X+ positives, no unsanitary restroom. For more information contact or call at 610-509-0567.


With built-in infection surveillance trends, an interactive infection map, intuitive dashboard and report panel, ABILITY® InfectionWatch is invaluable in tracking COVID-19 infections in facilities. Email or call 913-272-2034 to learn more about this solution.


CenTrak’s TruView platform automates contact tracing, identifies the source of an outbreak, and allows staff to quickly notify those who came in contact with the contagion. Email for more information. 


The Netsmart COVID-19 screening tool manages risks with an easy-to-use mobile application that tracks and records symptoms of individuals in healthcare facilities.

For more information email


Savance offers fully customizable COVID-19/health screening kiosks with automatic temperature scanning for staff and visitors. Completely touchless option also available.

Learn more at

Enviral Tech

Enviral Tech's patented COVID surface testing provides early coronavirus detection for the health of senior communities, by identifying infections early and providing an excellent complement to individual diagnostic testing. For more information including a 5-week LTC case study, visit here.

Wellness/Wellness Control:


COVID-19 hotline: Sentrics offers a free hotline available for family and staff at any community to call in for location wide updates during Covid19.

Senior-safe exercises: Sentrics partnered with Spiro100 to provide free, Internet-based access to a library of in-room, age-friendly exercise classes to increase physical mobility and activity during Covid19.

Music therapy and faith programming (or Music and faith therapy). Sentrics offers MusicFirst and CoroFaith to provide free, clinically proven music- and spiritual-based wellness streaming services developed by music therapists, music designers and neuroscientists.

Sentrics eBook: COVID-19 Will Accelerate Your Transformation of Senior Living

This original eBook highlights the key reasons for the changes in senior living, identifies how you can leverage them and defines the advantages you’ll gain to resident and employee satisfaction when you do. Click Here to Download

For any or all of the above, contact:

Wound Care:

Swift Medical

Swift has launched a telewound module. This new product development brings video conferencing integrated into a new patient app and remote measurement capabilities. Wound Care providers will be able to efficiently conduct evaluations remotely and keep automatic measurements and high-resolution, calibrated images of their patients’ wounds. Learn more about that here.

Wound Healing Technologies

We at WHT have serviced over thousand long health care facilities with PPE. Everything we carry is on the ground in the US and at excellent prices. Everything gets shipped out that day or next day. For more information email Aaron Lichtenstein at

Miscellaneous Resources:


If your business has an offer that you can make to LeadingAge members, please consider joining the Coronavirus Help Network. Thank you for your support!

Be sure to visit LeadingAge's main coronavirus resources page for more information, tools and resources to help all aging services providers plan for and respond to COVID-19.