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Our members are expert in the range of issues incorporated in caregiving. These articles provide tips from the experts. 

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Finding and Accessing Transportation Resources

Maybe your mom or dad lives in another state, and is no longer able to drive but needs to get to and from several doctor's appointments every week. Maybe you're the one looking for a ride to your appointments. Or maybe you need some help getting groceries every week. No matter what your situation, transportation is often a crucial service that people require on a weekly, if not daily basis, in order to live independently.

How to Tour a Nursing Home: Guidance from a Director of Nursing

If you are looking for a nursing home for a loved one, chances are you may already be aware of the basic services and amenities on your list. But what would a director of nursing advise when touring a nursing home?

Sorting Through Fees and Finances As You Choose a Retirement Community

Before moving to a retirement community, whether it's a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) or otherwise, it's important to assess your financial situation as well as understand the financing options that may be available at the residences you're considering.

Preventing Falls: A Home Safety Checklist

We've gathered some tips to help make your home fall-proof. By checking off the items on this list, you may be able to prevent a serious injury to yourself or a loved one-- after all, safety is important to people of all ages!

5 Tips for Transition: A Smooth Move from Rehab to Home

If you or someone you love has had to stay at a rehabilitation facility after a stroke, surgery or an injury, you know that recovery can be a long and difficult process filled with uncertainty about what to expect when transitioning back home. Changes will be inevitable, but here are 5 tips that can help make the move back home smoother and less stressful.

Advice on What to Look for in a Retirement Community from a Maryland CCRC

Becki Bees, director of marketing and primary admissions counselor at Roland Park Place, the only not-for-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Baltimore City, answers commonly asked questions about what to look for in a retirement community.

Getting Mom or Dad Started with Social Media

Mom or dad just made the transition to community living, and you're worried about staying in touch. Sure, you can call them every day, but social media offers an ever-changing, creative way to stay in touch that will not only prevent social isolation but also improve learning and cognition.