Senior Housing Plus Services: What's the Value?

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This multi-faceted research project explored whether affordable senior housing can serve as an effective platform for helping to address the health and long-term care needs of low-income older residents. 

Senior Housing Plus Services: What’s the Value?

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation supported the study, which was conducted in partnership with The Lewin Group.

Project components include:

Assessing the Association between Onsite Services and Resident Health Care Utilization and Spending

This multivariate analysis compared patterns of health care use and spending among residents of HUD-assisted senior housing properties offering onsite services and residents living in HUD-assisted senior housing properties without onsite services. A key study finding: the presence of a service coordinator significantly decreased residents’ odds of having a hospital stay. Read More.

Service Availability in HUD-Assisted Senior Housing

This survey explored the types and frequency of onsite services that HUD-assisted senior housing properties made available to residents in 2008, how those services were delivered and funded, the presence of service staff, and how resident needs were assessed. Read More.

Interviews with State Policymakers about the Potential Role of Affordable Senior Housing Plus Services Strategies

State officials provide their thoughts about how affordable senior housing can support the reform of health and long-term care. Officials also describe their efforts to link senior housing with health and supportive services. The interviews suggest that more work is needed to ensure that current residents of affordable senior housing can benefit from linking their housing properties with services and supports.Read More.

Case Studies of Housing Plus Services Programs

This case study collection describes how three affordable senior housing properties launched housing plus services programs, what services and supports are available and how they are delivered to residents, and the programs’ perceived benefits and challenges. The housing properties include: