Regulatory Round Up

Part of: Regulatory Information

LeadingAge is excited to launch the Regulatory Round Up suite of products designed to provide LeadingAge members an exclusive, all-in-one resource for valuable information about federal regulatory initiatives and developments. Included in the suite are the following Regulatory Round Ups:

Each Round Up includes an introduction that explains how to use the product as well as contact information for LeadingAge Public Policy staff for the particular content area. Specific features of the Round Up products include:

  • A hyperlinked table of contents designed to take you directly to a particular initiative or another portion of the Round Up with just a click of the mouse.
  • Key dates at-a-glance provide an overview of the timeline for all initiatives and developments included in the product.
  • Quick reference icons in each individual entry provide an easy way to determine the purview of the initiative (e.g., regulatory, quality, or payment).
  • A short, high-level summary provides basic information about each entry
  • Sources of additional information gather together in one place resources relating to the particular initiative or entry.
  • Important dates and deadlines provide the reader with a visual representation of important milestones in the evolution of the initiative as well as upcoming deadlines for compliance.

Each Round Up will be expanded and updated on a quarterly basis with more initiatives and accompanying resources. We hope you enjoy both the content and format of the Regulatory Round Up suite of products.

LeadingAge would like to thank both LeadingAge Minnesota and LeadingAge Iowa for their contributions toward the development of the Regulatory Round Up suite of products.