PINNACLE: Create Your Foundation for 2018

Expand Your Strategies—and Your Connections.
Sunday, March 18, 2018

Join multisite executives from organizations of all sizes at PINNACLE, a specialized education and networking event preceding PEAK, that provides relevant content expressly for you and your leadership team. This executive-level education experience features Bill George, one of the top business leaders of our time.


11:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. PINNACLE Executive Workshop and Lunch
5:30 p.m. PINNACLE Networking Reception

Add PINNACLE* to your PEAK registration for less than $200 to take advantage of this unique opportunity! Register for PINNACLE and/or PEAK.
*Note: If you have already registered for PEAK, please contact the LeadingAge Registrar at 514-228-3159 or to add on PINNACLE.

Executive Workshop

Highly acclaimed leadership expert and bestselling author Bill George will guide leaders of multisite organizations through an in-depth exploration of the events and moments from which each leader’s resilience, purpose and values are born—their True North. Bill George is a senior fellow at Harvard Business School, where he has taught leadership since 2004. He has been recognized as “Executive of the Year” by the Academy of Management and “Director of the Year” by the National Association of Corporate Directors, and he has received the prestigious Bower Award for Business Leadership.

The Power of Authenticity: Discover Your True North
Authentic leaders have discovered their “True North.” They align people around a shared purpose and common values and empower them to lead authentically to benefit all stakeholders. Nowhere is the need for connecting leadership to purpose and mission more important than in the work of nonprofit aging services. In our realm, leaders shape the aging experience not only for elders, but also for employees, caregivers, family and society at large. The impact of their authenticity is far-reaching.

Becoming an authentic leader requires identifying the values and principles that guide your leadership—that internal compass that gives you direction, keeps you focused and helps you stay centered when you risk losing your way. As you reach clarity and insight about your leadership purpose, authenticity also demands translating that purpose into making a difference in the world—using your skills to empower people throughout your organization around a common mission.

Since its publication, True North has had great resonance with leaders of all generations and has continued to be widely purchased and used in educational programs, including as a core text of the LeadingAge Leadership Academy curriculum. In his follow-up book, Discover Your True North, George delves deeper into authentic leadership to include what he has learned from a new generation of leaders.