Petition for Affordable Housing

The Seniors Action Network is launching a nationwide petition urging Congress to do their part to help expand and protect affordable senior housing.

More funding is needed to renew all Section 202 Housing for the Elderly homes and to oppose raising rents on new senior residents of HUD-assisted housing.

We need to be loud and clear that more affordable housing is needed and any cuts to funding that threaten the availability of quality housing for older adults is unacceptable.

Right now, Congress is debating funding levels for affordable housing and programs in on Capitol Hill. In order to make our voices heard loud and clear we want to have tens of thousands of signatures by May 31st.

You can sign the petition online here and we also encourage you to share the petition with your online networks.

We also have created a paper petition that can be signed in your local community. Your family, neighbors, friends and co-workers also have a voice and they can sign this petition if they don’t have a mobile phone or computer readily available.

Who can sign the petition?

We want individuals from around the country to add their name to this petition. If you work for or represent an organization, please sign for yourself and then send around to your networks. The more voices we have the more power we have in our advocacy.

Where do I send the paper petition?

Please fax, mail or email the Petition to Joe Franco, vice president, Grassroots

Fax:  (202) 783-2255


Address: 2519 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20008 – Attn: Joe Franco

What will happen once I sign the petition?

Adding your name to the petition will let your members of Congress know that you are a champion for affordable senior housing. The Seniors Action Network will follow up with you as we continue our campaign and will let you know about other opportunities to ensure your voice is heard and we protect and expand affordable senior housing.