LeadingAge Washington: Rising Acuity in Assisted Living - Provider Trends Webinar

January 17, 2018
4:00 PM

Examine how assisted living providers across the country are responding to the changing acuity needs of residents.

Assisted living providers across the country—from large corporations to smaller, independent communities are responding to this expanding need in different ways. Many are asking “what am I capable AND willing to provide to meet the changing needs of my residents”? Answering these questions are driving providers to offer new services and to evaluate their existing business models to accommodate for this new focus. This session offers attendees trends and ideas from working with hundreds of providers across the country---insights into changing care delivery models, developing inter-professional community networks, addressing frailty, implementing assistive devices to reduce resident and caregiver injury, adding short-stay services for post-operative care and a framework for chronic disease management to reduce hospitalizations and more will be explored.


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