From celebrities to family members, our social media feeds are filled with the latest meme challenge that shows us what we could look like in our 70s, 80s, 90s, and more. What’s so different about this iteration of face alteration? The technology has advanced and the images not only look real, they look great!

People are loving these images because, as it turns out, we look like ourselves as we age. We smile, we pose with loved ones, we travel. The images people load into the app are of their lives now, so they get to see themselves doing the things they love just with more wrinkles and different-colored hair.

While it may be a somewhat superficial exercise, we welcome any opportunity to embrace aging and take away some of the fear associated with growing older! 

If you decide to participate in this challenge, we encourage you to include in your post what excites you about growing older. Let’s continue the positivity around this challenge and help each other feel good about our future older selves--regardless of how we may look!

Note: There have been some concerns with the app’s privacy policy, we suggest reading through it before participating.