13 Answers to Your Life Plan Community Questions

Members | March 20, 2016

A 4-page brochure – entitled “Life Plan Community. ” -- answers 13 questions from LeadingAge members about the new Life Plan Community name.

Life Plan Community -- a new name for the CCRC category -- was announced at the LeadingAge Annual Meeting in November 2015.

Understandably, community operators have many questions about this new name.

The LeadingAge NameStorm Task Force answered the toughest of these questions during a series of online question-and-answer sessions.

Now, a new online resource from LeadingAge provides a recap of those questions – and the NameStorm Task Force’s answers.

13 Questions Members Have Been Asking

The 4-page brochure -- entitled “Life Plan Community. Your Questions. Answered.” -- answers the following questions from LeadingAge members:

  1. What gave your task force the authority to take on this initiative and make this recommendation? 
  2. How did you decide on Life Plan Community? 
  3. How can we make sure consumers will not confuse Life Plan with Life Care? 
  4. What does your research say about how adults age 65 and younger respond to the Life Plan Community name? 
  5. Will the Life Plan Community name be recognized and sought after by consumers? 
  6. Is LeadingAge requiring members to make this change? 
  7. Won’t there be confusion if some communities do not adopt Life Plan Community? 
  8. Have there been any early adopters so far? 
  9. We’ve worked hard to educate our market about what a CCRC is. Why are you asking us to devote the same amount of time and energy to educating the market about Life Plan Community? 
  10. What if operators start using the acronym LPC? 
  11. Will Continuing Care at Home become Life Plan at Home? 
  12. Aren’t there much bigger issues facing CCRCs than this? 
  13. When will you begin educating state regulators about Life Plan Community? 

Satisfy Your Curiosity

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