Center for Managed Care Solutions & Innovations

Center for Managed Care Solutions & Innovations

The Center for Managed Care Solutions & Innovations is LeadingAge’s clearinghouse for information, resources, networking, and assistance about the relationship between managed care, both Medicare and Medicaid, and post-acute and long-term services and supports providers. Here you can find information, education and tools providers need to participate in managed care, integrated service delivery and alternative payment models, such as accountable care organizations and/or bundled payments. Questions? Contact us.

  1. Should Life Plan Communities Lead Special Needs Plans?

    A SNP model could help life plan communities influence outcomes of care for residents over time.

  2. So You Want to be a Special Needs Plan: Perspectives from the Field

    A number of LeadingAge members are asking that question. In response, the Center for Managed Care Solutions & Innovations at LeadingAge compiled observations and advice from several sources, including consultants who specialize in this area and members that are pursuing or have implemented their own SNP strategy. The main ...

  3. MA Supplemental Benefit Toolkit Now Available

    The Toolkit includes: Medicare Advantage Engagement Strategy Checklist; Medicare Advantage Supplemental Benefits Explained; Medicare Advantage Plan Engagement Tips; A Step-by-Step Guide for Evaluating Medicare Advantage Activity in Your Market; Telling Your Story template. The ...

  4. President’s Executive Order Seeks More Uniformity Between Medicare FFS and MA Provider Rates

    While this Executive Order requires rules to be promulgated on a number of its items within the next year, changes to Medicare FFS payments are not part of this timeline. The Executive Order also does not ...

  5. Life Plan Communities and Value-Based Payments: Aligning Incentives So Everyone Benefits

    Life plan communities are uniquely situated to maximize value and add additional revenue streams through value-based payment arrangements with managed care entities.