LeadingAge Magazine · November-December 2018 • Volume 08 • Number 06

Mapping a Multifaceted Approach to Workforce Challenges

November 16, 2018 | by Susan Hildebrandt

Here’s a look at the work of the LeadingAge Center for Workforce Solutions after 1 year—and a look forward as we address one of our members’ greatest concerns.

One year after the launch of the LeadingAge Center for Workforce Solutions, your most important issue continues to be at the top of the LeadingAge list.

In 2018, we posted dozens of promising practices, an online turnover cost calculator (which spurred a number of similar calculators on other websites), podcasts from fellow community leaders and forward-thinking journalists, presentation materials for schools and easy-to-understand workforce crisis one-pagers. It’s safe to say that LeadingAge is listening to what you need to address your workforce challenges.

We also pursued different work streams around recruitment and the pipeline:

  • Talking to stakeholders about the workforce crisis in the education, workforce, business and local government sectors.
  • Working to create multi-stakeholder coalitions to attract people to work in aging services.
  • Partnering on a handful of creative pilot projects ranging from educational materials for young children about aging services to online training—all still in process—that we plan to take regional or national.

What’s next for LeadingAge in 2019 around workforce? The short answer: a lot.

Those of you who attended the recent annual meeting were asked by CEO Katie Smith Sloan to fill out a 1-minute survey on what was working for you around workforce—and what you’d like us to do. We’re still compiling the responses we received—hundreds of them—and key themes are emerging. We’ll let you know what we hear.

In addition, we are creating a comprehensive map of everything LeadingAge is doing around workforce, in areas such as policy, training, leadership development around culture, tools and more. We’ll include specific objectives for each category so that we—and you—know if we are meeting our goals. Then, we’ll let you know each month how we are doing.

We plan a comprehensive, integrated, creative, prioritized strategy for all of LeadingAge! It’s not that we have all the answers, but we know that as a community—members, like you, along with LeadingAge—can work on this challenge together.

Susan Hildebrandt is vice president, workforce initiatives for LeadingAge. Contact her at shildebrandt@leadingage.org.