LeadingAge CAST Mission and Vision

The LeadingAge Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST) is focused on development, evaluation and adoption of emerging technologies that will transform the aging experience. As an international coalition of more than 400 technology companies, aging-services organizations, businesses, research universities and government representatives, CAST works under the auspices of LeadingAge, an association of 5,500 not-for-profit organizations dedicated to expanding the world of possibilities for aging.

CAST Mission

LeadingAge CAST’s mission is to unleash the potential of technology for innovative development across the continuum of health care, housing and services for the aging in order to:

  • Help older adults maximize their independence.
  • Support the needs of professional and family caregivers.
  • Improve quality of care and quality of life.
  • Reduce our nation’s health care costs.
  • Increase aging services provider efficiency.

CAST Vision

LeadingAge CAST is creating the foundation that will ensure technology solutions attain their fullest potential to meet the needs of our aging society. View the video, High-Tech Aging: Improving Lives Today, and hear industry experts describe how technologies can potentially improve health care, preserve independence and ensure quality of life for seniors.

CAST Functions

LeadingAge CAST will:

  • Provide opportunities for collaboration to rapidly advance aging services technologies to benefit older adults. Initiatives will include:
    • Cultivating global relationships and partnerships to share information and build cross border solutions.
    • Educating providers on how to incorporate new technologies into their services.
    • Leading the aging services field in developing policy positions and participating in major standards initiatives in electronic medical and wellness records.
    • Fostering synergy among companies, providers, and older adults to develop new tele-health applications to better monitor health and medical conditions.
    • Encouraging the use of new technologies to foster quality communication among older adults, caregivers, family members and friends that will increase quality of life, new learning, and recreational opportunities.
    • Helping technology developers understand the needs of providers so that they can enhance operational systems and human resources management through technology.
    • Bringing together technology companies, researchers, and providers to identify areas where technology can maximize independence and enhance quality of care.
  • Produce and publish a comprehensive portfolio of Technology Selection Tool resources that help providers understand, plan for, select, implement and adopt the appropriate technology while advocating for innovative care models and maintaining a provider-centric focus.  Each portfolio includes a whitepaper, selection matrix, online selection tool and provider case studies.
  • Engage government representatives to gain support for technology-related policy and facilitate private public sector partnerships to advance technology development and application.
  • Survey and gather the latest intelligence on what is needed by providers, older adults and baby boomers to help ensure that expectations are understood and satisfied.