Leadership Educator Program

The creating and implementing of leadership development initiatives like the LeadingAge Leadership Academy, requires expert facilitators with a strong education knowledgebase -- individuals who can play a key role in conceptualizing, shaping and guiding learning experiences grounded in leadership theory and practice.

Intended to build a pool of skilled leadership educators within the LeadingAge membership, this intimate, three month program prepares participants to:

  • Develop leadership education for a variety of settings and audiences, including staff meetings, board retreats as well as peer mentoring and state-based leadership development initiatives.
  • Incorporate classic leadership theory as well as non-traditional education methodologies into curriculum design and facilitation work.
  • Use leadership principles to draw on the knowledge, expertise and perspectives of peers to create a shared learning environment.

An important purpose of the program is to help forge a network of peers that will provide guidance and support to one another as they advance leadership education in our field.  

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  Judy Brown  

Judy Brown, Ph.D., University of Maryland

Dr. Judy Brown is a leadership educator, author, poet, speaker and coach. She has developed and facilitated countless leadership initiatives for organizations ranging from the federal government and Ford to the Urban Library Council. She has served as the lead facilitator for the LeadingAge Leadership Academy since its inception.

  Wendy Green  

Wendy Green, M.A., LeadingAge

As managing vice president of leadership development, Wendy Green has led the design and implementation of the Leadership Academy curriculum for the past decade. She oversees the association’s leadership initiatives and uses her expertise in content development to create engaging education opportunities for leaders at every level.