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LeadingAge has partnered with Healthcare Business Analytics Management (wholly owned by Freed Maxick) to educate and help members with their data.

Many organizations are pursuing Business Intelligence as a means by which to measure their progress against key organizational objectives. These capabilities can help organizations craft strategies to improve processes and attain objectives that, without Business Intelligence, remain hidden and buried in their data.

The ability to “democratize” information, and get it in the hands of staff that make tactical decisions, represents a key competitive advantage for those organizations that do it well. We at Freed Maxick are excited to bring this capability to our clients, and assisting them in becoming more data-driven.

Specifically, in a Healthcare setting, cost accounting is used to identify costs down to the patient/resident level. Cost accounting is a method of accounting in which all costs incurred in carrying out an activity are collected and classified on a per unit basis. Business intelligence is a technology-driven process for analyzing information to help organizations make more informed business decisions. Because of this need in the post-acute space, the HBAM/Freed Maxick industry-recognized experts developed a Business Intelligence tool to help you gain greater insight from your data.

A greater need to understand costs & profitability:

  • Declining payment levels make it critical to understand where money is made or lost
  • Tools for managed care negotiations and new payment models; bundled payments and value based
  • Ability to demonstrate value as an ACOs and systems for services provided within their bundled payments
  • Highlight specifically where cost to care for a patient and service exceeds best practices

Need more information? 

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