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Adult Day
Adult Day Listserv offers adult day services members an opportunity to share news funding and regulations, research reports, information on staffing, clinical and operational best practices.
STAFF: Ruth Katz

CAST Technology/Listserv offers LeadingAge members, CAST supporters and CAST Business Associates a vehicle to discuss technology applications for the aging services field.
STAFF: Majd Alwan

Communications Collaborative
Communications Collaborative Listserv offers LeadingAge members who work in communications, social media, and media relations a resource to share and discuss approaches, best practices, opportunities and insights on message creation, management, and outreach.
STAFF: Tessa Atkinson-Adams

Compliance Listserv offers compliance officers and others interested in compliance issues and opportunity to share best practices and discuss related topics.
STAFF: Cory Kallheim

Continuing Care at Home (CCaH)
Continuing Care At Home (CCaH) Listserv offers members an opportunity to ask questions and share information on both start-up issues and ongoing operations and facilitates communication between members offering this program and those who are considering starting an At Home program.
STAFF: Steve Maag

Dementia Services
Dementia Services Listserv offers members a platform for engaging with peers about dementia services and opportunities to receive regular updates and resources related to the topic of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
STAFF: Kirsten Jacobs

Facilities Management Professionals
Facility Management Professionals Listserv offers a forum for members seeking information and advice from peers on a range of topics from administrative benchmarks to zero-based budgeting.  
STAFF:  Sharon Parver

General Counsel
General Counsel Listserv offers attorneys working in-house for LeadingAge members an opportunity to connect, network and share resources.
STAFF: Cory Kallheim

Governance Listserv offers board members and executives of LeadingAge member organizations an opportunity to consult with peers about governance policies and practices.
STAFF: Amanda Marr

Home Health
Home Health Listserv offers LeadingAge Medicare-certified home health members an opportunity to share regulatory information, funding resources, and updates for not for profit Medicare-certified home health service providers reimbursed under Medicare Parts A and B, Medicare Advantage and the Veterans Administration.
STAFF: Janine Finck-Boyle

Hospice Listserv offers Medicare-certified hospice members an opportunity to share information on notices and rules from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), information on the Conditions of Participation (CoPs), legislative, funding, and regulatory updates.
STAFF: Janine Finck-Boyle

Housing Operations and Policy
Housing Operations and Policy Management Listserv offers members an opportunity to ask others to share insights into how they have addressed HUD operational or resident issues and provides affordable housing members with the latest regulatory or policy changes at HUD in real time.
STAFF: Colleen Bloom, Linda Couch

Human Resources
Human Resources Listserv offers human resources professionals and others who work for LeadingAge members an opportunity to discuss HR related issues, policies and best practices.  
STAFF: Sharon Parver

Life Plan Community (CCRC)
Life Plan Community (CCRC) Listserv offers Life Plan Community/CCRC management and staff an opportunity to contact other Life Plan Communities/CCCR’s to ask questions, look for resources and share ideas on all aspects of Life Plan Community/CCRC operations.
STAFF: Steve Maag

Life Plan Community (CCRC)- Single Site Providers
Life Plan Community (CCRC) - Single Site Providers Listserv offers single site Life Plan Community/CCRC management and staff an opportunity to contact other Life Plan Communities/CCCR’s to ask questions, look for resources, share ideas on all aspects of Life Plan Community/CCRC operations and connect on the unique challenges and opportunities they face as single sites.
STAFF: Steve Maag

Managed Care
Managed Care Listserv offers LeadingAge members an opportunity to pose questions, discuss and share solutions on managed care issues, including, but not limited to: billing issues, developing a Special Needs Plan, credentialing or best practices for implementing a managed care contract. Members are reminded not to share managed care payment terms as part of this listserv in observance of anti-trust restrictions.
STAFF: Nicole Fallon

Marketing/PR Listserv offers members the opportunity to share best practices around occupancy, marketing, community engagement and the like.  The Listserv serves as a great way to ask experts in the field what they are doing or share something that is working for you.
STAFF: Yasemin Washington

Nursing Home
Nursing Home Listserv offers nursing care professionals, administrators, and others who work for LeadingAge members an opportunity to discuss nursing home operations and related issues.
STAFF: Janine Finck-Boyle

Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ)
Payroll-Based Journal Listserv offers human resource, finance, payroll staff and administrators an opportunity to discuss best practices and help to comment on CMS PBJ rules and regulations.
STAFF: Janine Finck-Boyle

Philanthropy Listserv offers fundraising professionals, CFOs and others who work for LeadingAge members and are interested in philanthropy-related issues an opportunity to discuss various aspects of fundraising ranging from best practices for fundraising campaigns to recommendations for donor management software.
STAFF: Joe Franco

Social Accountability
Social Accountability Listserv offers all members an opportunity to share ideas on their social accountability programs to explore what ideas are working in their communities and how others might benefit from such examples.
STAFF: Cory Kallheim

Social Workers
Social Workers Listserv offers LeadingAge member social workers a forum for engaging with peers about diverse issues related to social work including long-term care, affordable housing, independent living and home and community-based services.
STAFF: Kirsten Jacobs

Wellness & Wellbeing
Wellness and Life Enrichment Listserv offers members a forum for engaging with peers about holistic well-being and life enrichment.
STAFF: Kirsten Jacobs

Next Gen Professionals
Next Gen Professionals Listserv offers members who are new to the field and interested in professional growth an opportunity to build connections.
STAFF: Tessa Atkinson-Adams