FAQs for LeadingAge Members

Part of: 2019 Member Survey

Answers to your questions regarding the 2019 member survey.

General Questions

Why should I participate in the LeadingAge Member Survey?

The survey initiative is designed to produce a host of meaningful data that LeadingAge and its members can use to conduct data-driven planning and decision making. Data from the survey will allow you to compare yourself to other LeadingAge members and will help LeadingAge and its state affiliates take their advocacy to the next level. The 2019 Member Survey is the first in a series of biennial surveys that LeadingAge plans to conduct. The 2019 survey is crucial because it will help us establish a baseline of data about LeadingAge members and the not-for-profit sector of the LTSS field.

Do I receive anything for filling out the survey?

Yes! If you complete the survey between June 6th and August 30th you will receive a $5 gift card to Starbucks sent to your email. You will also be automatically entered into a drawing to win one free registration and lodging at the host hotel for the 2019 LeadingAge Annual Meeting & EXPO in San Diego (October 27-30).

When can I take the survey?

The survey will be available from June 6th to August 30th.

What kinds of questions will be on the survey?

The survey will ask questions around client demographics, payment, services, staffing and technology.

Who should fill out the survey?

The best person to fill out the survey is the person who oversees the day-to-day operations of the setting (e.g., nursing home, assisted living or residential care, market rate or affordable housing) or home and community based services (hospice, home health, adult day, non-medical home care etc.). He or she may need to consult other colleagues to answer some of the questions. LeadingAge will be contacting our members right up to the survey launch date to obtain the appropriate contacts.

How do I access the survey?

You will receive an email from LeadingAge on June 6th with a link to take the survey. If you think you should have received a survey, but don’t see it in your mailbox, make sure to check your spam folder.

Once I start the survey, can I save it and finish later?

Yes, SurveyGizmo (survey software used) automatically saves your progress whenever you hit the next button. To ensure your answers are saved, hit the next button before exiting the survey.

Are there documents or information I should have on hand to answer the survey questions?

You may not be able to answer all the questions off the top of your head. The surveys ask questions on demographics, payment, and staffing, all of which may require you to obtain information from another source. For your convenience, we will send you an email a week before the survey launches to inform you of the exact information you will need so you can gather it prior to filling out the survey.

Can I forward the survey link to a colleague to complete?

Yes, just forward the email to the person you would like to complete it. Any questions you have already answered will still be saved. Your colleague can either finish the survey and submit it his or herself or send it back to you to submit.

Will my responses remain confidential?

Yes, LeadingAge will not share your individual responses with anyone. Data from the surveys will be aggregated at national and state levels and reported as such.

How will the data be used?

LeadingAge will publish a national level report of the findings. LeadingAge will also publish state level reports for states that have high enough response rates. Internally, LeadingAge will use the data to gain insights in how to serve you, our members, better.

Who can I talk to if I have questions about the survey?

Members may contact us by sending an email or alternatively contact Alex Hennessa (202-508-1210) or Natasha Bryant (202-508-1214).