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Center for Housing Plus Services Managing Director Alisha Sanders reflects on opportunities for advancing housing plus services.

When Can I Stop Chasing My Own Tail?

Moving the housing plus services agenda forward isn't always easy. But Alisha Sanders finds reason for hope in real-life stories and a new recommendation from the Bipartisan Policy Center. 

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  1. Taking Steps Toward Financing Housing Plus Services

    The LeadingAge LTSS Center @UMass Boston has developed a broad set of potential financing mechanisms for housing plus services options. A group of stakeholders recently spent 2 days vetting the options.

  2. You Can’t Have “Housing Plus Services” Without Housing

    A few months ago, The Wall Street Journal ran a story about how many older Americans are increasingly getting pinched by rising rents. Seniors living on fixed incomes can be hit hard by rent increases, Journal reporters argued, particularly in high-cost areas like California. Then, they profiled individuals experiencing big ...

  3. SASH Continues to Slow Growth in Medicare Expenditures

    The Support and Services at Home (SASH) program continues to slow the growth of annual total Medicare expenditures for program participants, according to the second annual report from a 3-year evaluation conducted by the LeadingAge Center for Applied Research (CFAR) and RTI International. Based in affordable senior housing, ...

  4. Can Affordable Housing Help Cure Loneliness?

    It wasn’t my finest moment.I was yelling at my mom over the phone. And I was really angry. I told my mom that there was nothing I could do about her being lonely. If she never left her house, that was her fault. What could I do from 700 miles away?Truth be told, I had been worried about my mom since my grandmother passed away, ...

  5. Why's Health Suddenly So Hot?

    I’m participating next month in the Arizona Housing Alliance’s Healthy Communities Conference. The event will bring together stakeholders you don’t often see in the same room -- at least not until recently. They include: Community development practitioners. Affordable housing developers.  Health care providers.  I’m thrilled ...