A family caregiver has identified technologies she believes will help senior living communities improve their operations. Author Annabelle Carter Short is a primary caregiver for her mother, who is living with dementia, and wrote an article for McKnight’s Senior Living

"The technology senior living communities actually need" names these as the most important technologies:

  • Medication management.
  • Digital medical records, which also enable family members to monitor a relative in a community.
  • Medication reminders for the older adult.
  • Communication technology, including video chats to help older adults feel part of family events and to enable family members to check on their relative’s well-being.
  • Medical alert systems for fall detection and prevention.
  • Technology for care providers, to simplify the interaction between care providers and other community professionals.
  • Senior locating technology.
  • Wander management technology.
  • Telehealth.

CAST Technology Selection Tools

If you are considering these technologies, the CAST Technology Selection Tools can help you to choose the ones that are best for your community. Each portfolio includes a white paper, selection matrix, online selection tool, and provider case studies. Explore the tools:

 CAST also released a Health Information Exchange (HIE) Technology Selection Tool in November. If you would like to share residents’ health information with providers, see an overview of the new HIE tool.