Up to $2 million in grant funding is available from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to test technology solutions that improve care transitions.
AHRQ is funding innovative ideas to improve communication and care coordination during care transitions—and improve the quality of care and patient outcomes. The funding will support large-scale health services research projects that test promising health IT solutions in three areas of interest:

  • Care transitions between primary care, acute care, and specialty providers.
  • Care transitions between different institutional care settings.
  • Care transitions with a focus on patients, their families, and communities. 

This opportunity focuses on new and improved health IT solutions that can bring an integrated multi-disciplinary approach to improving care transitions. It seeks solutions that defragment information, improve communication, and assure the care team and other stakeholders have access to reliable and complete health information located in other care settings or disparate systems.
These solutions should also empower providers, patients, and caregivers to share the responsibility of improving health outcomes while reducing adverse events and costs. The project should be designed to scale across the organization and beyond to other, similar organizations.
The total costs for awarded projects will not exceed $400,000 in any given year and $2 million for the entire project period, which may not exceed five years.
Proposals are due by Feb. 5, 2020. To learn more, see PA-20-068 Improving Quality of Care and Patient Outcomes During Care Transitions (R01)

CAST Shared Care Planning and Coordination Online Tool

If you are choosing a technology to improve care transitions in your own organization, be sure to check out the CAST Shared Care Planning and Coordination Online Tool. This tool offers a white paper, interactive guide, selection tool, matrix, and provider case studies to help you find the best technology solution for your needs.