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Part of: Center for Aging Services Technologies

The LeadingAge Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST) is leading the charge to expedite the development, evaluation and adoption of emerging technologies that can improve the aging experience. CAST has become an international coalition of more than 400 technology companies, aging services organizations, research universities, and government representatives.

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Mission and Vision
A brief explanation of CAST's mission and vision

High-Tech Aging: Improving Lives Today
This video portrays how currently available technologies can help coordinate care and facilitate aging in place.

CAST Leadership
CAST is led, advised and guided by in impressive team of professionals. The leadership includes Dr. Mark McClellan, Mike B. Rambarose and Majd Alwan. Advisors include Eric Dishman, a CAST Senior Fellow in Technology Innovations, and Dr. Mike Magee, a CAST Senior Health Policy Fellow.

CAST Sponsors
LeadingAge CAST Supporters and Patrons have the opportunity to help CAST in a significant way. Their commitment to technology in aging services and to CAST is recognized in numerous ways including listing CAST Supporters and Patrons organizations along with a brief description, the company’s logo, and a link to the company’s web site. Supporters and Patrons are encouraged to list LeadingAge CAST as a partner and to provide a link to CAST.

CAST Commission
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CAST Staff
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