Careers in Aging Week March 3-9, 2019

Part of: Center for Workforce Solutions

LeadingAge is partnering with the Gerontological Association of America, AHCA/NCAL and Argentum on a Careers in Aging Week. Join us March 3-9, 2019.


The goal of the week is to allow our member Organizations to make students aware of the rich variety of jobs in the field of aging services. Specifically, we are asking members to invite students to their organizations for different events -- or, reach out to local schools and ask to talk to students about our field. Last year, LeadingAge KS held a successful Careers in Aging Day, and we are delighted to use many of their resources, with permission.

During the week of March 3, Careers in Aging Week, we will be interviewing team members from a wide variety of careers, e.g., culinary, communications, information technology, clinical care, etc. and posting them on the GSA YouTube channel.

Sample Activities (Courtesy of LeadingAge KS)

  • Host a Shadow Day - invite students to your organization to shadow your employees. Focus on Nursing, administration, accounting, dietary, IT, etc.
  • Host an Open House - invite students to your organization to learn about your organization and have departments set up booths or tables to provide information on what they do. Include prizes, games, etc.
  • Get together with other members in your area and host a job fair - highlight the great things about working with older people
  • Go to local schools and talk to students about the field - bring information and people from your organization that are most passionate about their jobs
  • Write a guest opinion piece for your local paper about working in the field. Highlight your organization and your great team
  • Launch a social media push throughout the week - dedicate your social media posts to Careers in Aging Services. Post highlights of different jobs and people within your organization

Multimedia Resources

  • Get more information about what to do this week by watching this video here!
  • Click here for the 45-minute recording of the February 20 call featuring Susan Hildebrandt with LeadingAge national and Dana Weaver with LeadingAge KS discussing how your involvement fits with our national workforce strategy, how to participate and resources that are available.


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Outreach to Schools (courtesy of LeadingAge KS)

Background on Compliance for Job Shadowing (courtesy of LeadingAge KS)