Center for Workforce Solutions

Center for Workforce Solutions

Welcome to the LeadingAge Center for Workforce Solutions, a brand-new center featuring workforce resources for aging services. This new center contains promising practices, ideas for key partnerships, tools to calculate turnover, presentation materials, fact sheets, LeadingAge member testimonials, podcasts, policy news, and other relevant articles.

Recent Activity

  1. DOL Issues Memo Regarding Employment Status of Registry Workers

    The FAB states that whether an employment relationship exists depends on the “economic reality” of the circumstances informed by a “thorough analysis of the registry’s business model and operations,” including the following factors: Conducting background and reference checks Hiring ...

  2. 2018 Salary & Benefits Report for Life Plan Communities Now Available

    The national average hourly rate for CNAs in Continuing Care Retirement Communities/Life Plan Communities (CCRCs) saw an increase of about 3.35%, according to the 2018-2019 CCRC salary and benefits report published by the 

  3. LeadingAge Speaks Out on Workforce Crisis

    In a statement to the Times, Katie Sloan pointed out that LeadingAge for several years pushed for more accurate reporting on nursing home staffing. She noted that recruiting, training and retaining workers is a huge challenge for our members, which we have heard again and again at the LeadingAge Town Hall meetings being held ...

  4. CAST Members Welcome New Staff, New Tech, and Workplace Certification

    Eldermark Welcomes New Executive CAST Business Associate Eldermark has added Brad Fuqua as senior vice president of market development, reports

  5. 2018 CLA Senior Living Trends White Paper Finds Opportunities in Disruptors

    These service providers view their position in the marketplace and the needs for their services as static and dependable and, as a result, underestimate the potential for disruption from those seeking to displace them. In response to this risk of disruption, we are asking senior living organizations this simple question: What ...