Video Contests: Tell Your Stories about Care Transitions and the Blue Button

| October 05, 2012

Two new video contests focus on spreading the good news about care transitions and Blue Button technology.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) are asking you to pull out your video camera and tell a national audience your story about care transitions and Blue Button technology. If you’re a winner, you could gain national exposure and even some prize money.  

Can You Tell Your Care Transitions Story in 2 Minutes?

You’ve got 2 minutes to show what you are doing to improve care transitions. And you’ve got until Nov. 10, 2012, to put that story on video.

These are the simple rules for a new contest that the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is sponsoring as part of its Care About Your Care campaign. Care About Your Care is a national effort to focus attention on what people can do to identify and receive better health care.

RWJF conceived the video contest as a way to uncover collaborative methods that patients and providers are using to avoid hospital readmissions. In particular, the foundation is looking for innovative approaches that improve the way patients and their care teams communicate. Winning videos will share how those care teams “went above and beyond” to help a patient transition from hospital to home with the help of comprehensive instructions, support and resources.

The RWJF video contest is open to anyone involved in care transitions, including patients, their families and caregivers, nurses, care coordinators, frontline staff and others. RWJF suggests that the video could answer these questions: 

  • What care transition problem/issue prompted the creation of your method?
  • Who worked together to devise the care transition method?
  • How was your idea communicated with your colleagues, patients and providers? What was their reaction?
  • What does your care transition method involve? How are patients incorporated?
  • How did your care transition idea work in practice? What were the outcomes?
  • What lessons learned would you share with others looking to replicate a similar method?

If you’re a winner, your care transitions idea will be professionally filmed and your video will be featured in the Care About Your Care campaign during 2013. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss your care transitions methods with patients and health care providers nationwide. In addition, says RWJF, you’ll enjoy national media attention.

Singing the Praises of the Blue Button

Help increase national awareness of the “Blue Button,” the 1-click way that patients around the country are gaining electronic access to their personal health information. Blue Button is available to veterans, uniformed service members and Medicare beneficiaries. Almost 1 million people have used it to download their own health information.

ONC is asking you to “spread Blue Button fever” by creating a 2-minute video that encourages others to learn more about Blue Button. Deadline for the Blue Button Video Challenge is Nov. 13.

If you win, your story could appear on In addition, ONC will award 6 prizes – ranging from $3,000 to $650 – to challenge winners.