The SASH program uses not-for-profit housing properties as platforms for coordinating and delivering health and supportive services to older adults and people with disabilities. Cathedral Square Corporation in South Burlington, VT, developed the SASH program. 

SASH participants live in affordable housing properties and their surrounding communities. Participants interact regularly with an interdisciplinary SASH team that includes a SASH coordinator (and enhanced service coordinator) and wellness nurse, as well as representatives from a network of community-based service providers.  

The interdisciplinary team helps SASH participants set and follow through on health-related goals. In the process, team members connect SASH participants with community services that can help them age in place, avoid expensive health care interventions, and successfully transition home after a hospital discharge. Team members also provide onsite programming to address health issues that affect a significant proportion of the housing property’s population. 

SASH is currently operating in 138 housing sites across the state through Vermont’s Multi-payer Advanced Primary Care Practice (MAPCP) demonstration.  

During the evaluation (September 2012-September 2016), researchers will examine the development and implementation of the SASH program, as well as outcomes for program participants. Primary study activities will include three annual statistical comparisons and a survey of beneficiary groups.  

During visits to SASH sites, researchers will examine: 

  • Key features of the SASH initiative and how they evolve over time. 
  • Implementation barriers and facilitators. 
  • Perceived pros and cons for program participants. 
  • Lessons learned. 

Preliminary results from the evaluation's second year show that growth in annual Medicare expenditures was lower by an estimated $1,536 per beneficiary among SASH participants in early panels, relative to members of a comparison group. Annual Medicare expenditure growth rates are trending lower for the overall SASH participant group, including those who joined the program more recently, but are not currently statistically significant.  

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