Join the Fight to Save Medicaid

Join the Fight to Save Medicaid

Under the guise of reform, fundamental changes in the financing and structure of the Medicaid program have been proposed that would convert it into a system of per capita funding allocations to the states. Every state would see a reduction in federal Medicaid funding from current levels. These proposals for restructuring Medicaid represent bad ethics and bad economy. We oppose these proposals.

  1. Where Do Aging Services Stand on Capitol Hill

    Overview Fiscal year 2018 began on October 1, but Congress has not passed a budget or appropriations bills for the new year. A continuing resolution enacted in September suspended the federal debt ceiling and kept federal programs in operation through December 8. The ...

  2. State Risk Factors Under Medicaid Per Capita Caps

    The Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation and Leading Age jointly release the report: “Capping Medicaid: How Per Capita Caps Would Affect Long-Term Services ...