Save HUD 202

Save HUD 202

HUD’s Section 202 Housing for the Elderly program brings affordable housing with service coordination to almost 400,000 very low-income older adults. A large and rapidly expanding population of low-income older adults faces the dual challenges of finding affordable, quality housing that can accommodate changing needs as we grow older.

Unfortunately, the realities of federal funding constraints and budget caps mean that preserving existing affordable housing is under threat and that expanding housing assistance to more older adults seems very difficult. Today, millions of older adults eligible for affordable housing do not have access to it because the programs are at capacity.

The goals for this campaign are simple: preserve every 202 home we have, and bring affordable housing to every older adult who needs it.

Recent Activity

  1. Submit CY18 Service Coordinator Grant Extensions by November 20

    HUD released in late October information regarding the CY 2018 annual extension funding renewals for grant-based service coordinator contracts that will again be processed through GrantSolutions as was for the CY 2017 process. The processing of the renewals will be accomplished through a streamlined process which applies to all ...

  2. House Tax Bill Would Decrease Affordable Housing

    On November 2, the House Ways and Means Committee released its tax reform bill, HR 1. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act retains the Low Income Housing Tax credit but eliminates private activity bonds including Multifamily Housing Bonds, which allow bond-financed multifamily projects to access 4% Housing Credits. The elimination of the ...

  3. LeadingAge Statement on the Proposed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

    LeadingAge Statement on the Proposed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act LeadingAge opposes any tax legislation that eliminates the medical expense deduction and private bond funding, changes charitable deductions, or eliminates tax exemptions for the development and preservation ...

  4. What Have We Done for You Lately? – October 2017

    LeadingAge is proud of the work it does every day to serve our members. Here are some highlights of our work for you during October 2017.

  5. Where Do Aging Services Stand on Capitol Hill

    Overview Fiscal year 2018 began on October 1, but Congress has not passed a budget or appropriations bills for the new year. A continuing resolution enacted in September suspended the federal debt ceiling and kept federal programs in operation through December 8. The ...