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Robyn I. Stone, a noted researcher and leading international authority on aging and long-term care policy, joined LeadingAge to establish and oversee the LeadingAge Center for Applied Research. Dr. Stone periodically shares her perspectives on the center’s research work and on policy issues affecting older adults.

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The Immigrant Workforce: It’s (Still) Not about Warm Bodies

Immigrant workers may very well provide us with the labor we desperately need to support our aging society. But, writes Robyn Stone, we need to do more than simply fill direct care jobs with “warm bodies” from other countries. Rather, we must provide immigrant workers with the tools they need to succeed.

Housing Plus Services: What’s Not to Like?

The LeadingAge Center for Applied Research has found plenty to like about Housing Plus Services models that use affordable senior housing properties as platforms for the delivery of health and supportive services. In her December blog, Robyn Stone explains why she likes this new model -- and how it is different from assisted living.

Our Job is to Enable Well-Being

Housing providers like Peter Sanborn Place in Reading, MA, are enabling well-being by providing services that help older residents remain autonomous until the end of life. In his new book, noted author and surgeon Atul Gawande sees this as a sign that we’ve entered a new era of care for aging Americans. In her November blog, Robyn Stone shares evidence that Gawande is absolutely right.

IOM: The Most Influential Organization You’ve Never Heard Of

Many of Robyn Stone's friends nodded politely a few weeks back when she told them that she had been elected to the Institute of Medicine (IOM). In her latest blog, Stone offers her own unsolicited responses to 2 questions she believes her friends—and others—should be asking about the IOM.

What We Can Learn from Taiwan about Caring for Older People

Robyn Stone and other American experts are helping the government of Taiwan design a system of care for older adults—entirely from scratch. In her latest blog, Stone suggests that Americans should watch closely as Taiwan rolls out this new care delivery system. We might learn some valuable lessons about how to transform our own system of long-term services and supports.