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Robyn I. Stone, a noted researcher and leading international authority on aging and long-term care policy, joined LeadingAge to establish and oversee the LeadingAge Center for Applied Research. Dr. Stone periodically shares her perspectives on the center’s research work and on policy issues affecting older adults.

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What a 24-Year-Old Taught Me about the Future of Applied Research

Annual reports are great tools for gauging an organization’s progress – but they have their limitations. But it’s even better to witness firsthand how those achievements are making a real difference in the attitudes and practices of people who have a stake in what you’re trying to accomplish.

HIE: A Promising Strategy for Helping Senior Housing Residents Stay Out of the Hospital

An invisible electronic network called a Health Information Exchange (HIE) holds great promise for facilitating aging in community, even though few older adults have ever heard of it and none will ever use it directly.

Keeping it Real at the Institute of Medicine

Robyn Stone has been appointed to the Board on Health Sciences Policy at the Institute of Medicine (IOM). She's the only member who comes directly from the field of long-term services and supports. And that distinction is shaping her role on the board.

Labor Day: Celebrating Workers by Helping Them Succeed

New competency development guides from LeadingAge celebrate workers by giving them the tools they need to succeed.

Balancing the Not-for-Profit Difference with For-Profit Smarts

Why has Robyn Stone spent the past few months trying to convince LeadingAge members to start thinking more like their for-profit competitors?