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Other Legal Issues

In this section, we cover such issues as pharmaceuticals in long-term care facilities, the red flags rule relating to identify theft and other assorted court cases and legal issues that involve aging services.

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CMS Eliminates Certain Opportunity to Correct Options for Nursing Homes

This letter includes advanced guidance regarding revisions in State Operations Manual (SOM) Chapter 7-[Enforcement], Sections §7304 - 7304.3;  7306.1; 7308.3; 7400.5.1; 7400.6.2; 7313.2, pertaining to the Immediate Imposition of Federal Remedies (previously referred to as Opportunity to Correct or No Opportunity to Correct).

Infection Control Pilot Project

 The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Announce 3-year Infection Control Pilot Survey Project for Nursing Homes.

GAO Report on Health Care Workforce: Comprehensive Planning by HHS Needed to Meet National Needs

New Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report Finds HHS Healthcare Workforce Programs are too Broad to Adequately Address US Healthcare Needs  

AoA: Emergency Preparedness and Response For State LTC Ombudsman Programs

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EPA Proposes Rule Governing Disposal of Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently published a proposed rule that would impose stringent regulations regarding how healthcare facilities, including long-term care facilities, dispose of pharmaceuticals classified as hazardous waste. Presently, while pharmaceutical hazardous waste in long-term care facilities is regulated by the agency, it is subject to the agency’s less-stringent household hazardous waste standard. In the proposed rule, however, the EPA argues that long-term care facilities more closely resemble hospitals and thus should be subject to more stringent requirements.