Assisted Living News

This section features news for assisted living providers. 

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  1. News from LeadingAge and CAST Partners and Members

    Check out this news from LeadingAge Member, LeadingAge and CAST Member Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber, and CAST Business Associates MatrixCare, and Systems Engineering. 

  2. Alwan & Unkle Quoted on Importance of CIOs

    Majd Alwan was quoted in a recent Senior Housing News article on the benefits of hiring a chief information officer.

  3. HIT Helped by Tech Selection Tools

    The research, from the University of California San Francisco Health Workforce Research Center on Long-Term Care, began with the premise that nursing homes may delay implementation of HIT because it places demands on nursing home staff.

  4. The Future of EHRs

    Challenges Challenges include time, money, resources, interoperability issues, security and privacy concerns, inadequate staffing and IT infrastructure, and exchange of data to assist in care transitions. Adoption Alwan shared that approximately 75% of larger LeadingAge members have electronic ...

  5. OCR Updates HIPAA Privacy Rule FAQ and Guidance regarding Disclosures to Loved Ones

    Similarly, OCR has updated existing guidance regarding the HIPAA Privacy Rule make clear that ...