An America Freed From Ageism

"Regardless of our date of birth, we are all entitled to be treated as individuals, with respect and attention. We deserve the opportunity to express ourselves, to be addressed directly and not through a third party—well-meaning though they may be. None of us would choose to be marginalized or disenfranchised; why would we allow it to happen to our older adults?

How do we begin to fight ageism? By calling it when we see it, in ourselves and in others; by thinking about the way we treat older adults, including the way we interact and the language we use. We are all individuals, regardless of age and ability. We need to remember that and to help others remember it as well." - Carol Silver Elliott, president and CEO of The Jewish Home Family

Let's change the conversation about aging to show that it is simply part of our life journey, full of choices, opportunity, and joy at every age.

Help us realize our vision of an America freed from ageism.

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