Education Sessions

More information for the 2018 Education Program coming soon! In the meantime, you can view a list of complete sessions from last year's event below. To view the complete list of 2017 Annual Meeting speakers, visit the Speaker Listing page. You can also view the 2017 Education Session Schedule organized by Track here.

Sunday, October 29, 2017
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
200-P. Ageism Deep Dive: A Conversation With Leadership Academy Fellows and Elders
201-P. Governance Deep Dive: Governing for Strategic Success
202-P. Hospice Deep Dive: The Intersection of Policy, Practice and Partnership
203-P. Philanthropy Deep Dive: Fundraising in Aging Services—Making the Case
204-P. Technology Deep Dive: Shaping the New Health Care Ecosystem
3:30 - 5:00 p.m.
1-A. Social Connectedness and Engagement Technologies: Provider Case Studies
2-A. Emerging Technologies To Address Age-Related Hearing Loss - CANCELLED
16-A. A Comprehensive Model of Family Caregiver Support
17-A. Evidence-Based Approaches To Improve Quality of Life for Persons Living With Dementia
18-A. Care Partners: Empowering Frontline Staff Development
34-A. Building a High Value Post-Acute Network
35-A. Expanding Senior Services to Multifamily Housing
36-A. Are Not-for-Profits Relevant and Sustainable?
55-A. Fundraising Ethics: Road Blocks or Glide Path to Excellence
56-A. Targeting and Appealing to the Right Decision Maker
72-A. Housekeeping Benchmarks and Best Practices
73-A. HUD Management and Occupancy Reviews: Compliance Guidance
94-A. Addressing Sexuality in a Faith-Based Community
95-A. Requirements of Participation: Phase 2 Readiness
96-A. Getting Ahead of the Curve: Leading With Hospice Data
113-A. Integrating Bicycling Into Senior Living Design
114-A. Senior Living Design Options for the Future Consumer
129-A. Expanding Lifelong Learning Through University Partnerships
130-A. Housing Transforming Health: Getting to “What Matters Most”
146-A. Creating an Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Culture
147-A. CEO Transitions: The Board’s Role
148-A. Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders
Monday, October 30, 2017
8:00 - 9:30 a.m.
3-B. Shared Care-Planning and Coordination Technologies: Provider Case Studies
4-B. Technology-Driven Business Model Disruption: The Next Decade
19-B. Specialized Patient-Centered Rounding: A Case Study
21-B. Take2: A New Model of Home Support
37-B. Myth Busters: Challenging Assumptions and Gut Decisions
38-B. Developing a Not-for-Profit Strategy for Acquiring Rental Properties
57-B. Philanthropy and Communications: Harnessing the Value of Teamwork
58-B. Using Website Analytics for More Accurate Sales Predictions
74-B. Dining Management in Senior Living 2017
75-B. Using Quality Scorecards To Leverage Relationships Under Alternative Payment Models
76-B. What Characterizes a High Performing Organization?
97-B. Hospice Policy Forum
98-B. Affiliations: Legal Issues To Consider
99-B. Housing Policy Forum
115-B. Interior Design Strategies To Strengthen Your Brand
116-B. Nature Meets Nurture: Designing a WELL Building
131-B. Memory Wellness Training: From Evidence to Implementation
132-B. Creating an Organizational Culture That Supports Successful Aging
149-B. Harnessing Resident Engagement To Improve Team Member Retention
150-B. Attracting and Retaining a Quality Workforce
151-B. Insights From the Next Generation of Leaders
2:00 - 5:00 p.m.
170-T. Member Site Visit: PACE Center at St. Cecilia
171-T. Member Site Visit: Lambeth House
3:30 - 5:00 p.m.
5-C. Telemedicine-Enabled Bedside Medicine: Financial and Clinical Impact
6-C. Improving Health and Wellness With Wearable Technology
22-C. Integrated vs. Segregated Environments for Persons With Dementia
23-C. How Beneficial Is Adopting the Household Model of Culture Change?
39-C. Expansion Beyond an Existing Life Plan Community
40-C. Financing and Operating Moderately Priced Life Plan Communities
41-C. Preserving Mission: Addressing Your Debt Burden
59-C. Staying Engaged Before and After Move-In
60-C. Marketing Strategies for Single-Site Providers
77-C. Home Care and Hospice: Strategies From Across the Country
78-C. HUD Management Update
79-C. Packaging Post-Acute Services To Improve Outcomes
100-C. Boards and Compliance: A Fiduciary Duty
101-C. Health Policy Forum
117-C. Building a Socially Connected, Age-Friendly Future
118-C. 2017 Design for Aging Forum
133-C. Managing Wellness Over Illness
134-C. Bridging the Age Divide: Housing-Based Intergenerational Programming
152-C. Building a Healthy Work Environment: Aligning Behavior With Culture
153-C. WeCare Connect: An Employee-Driven Retention Strategy
Tuesday, October 31, 2017
8:00 - 9:30 a.m.
7-D. Driving Innovation in Aging and Brain Health
8-D. Managing the Legal Risks of Electronic Medical Records
24-D. Transforming the Living Experience in Higher Levels of Support
25-D. Affordable Housing Plus Services: Lessons From the Field
42-D. Maximizing Your Section 8 Income for Long-Term Preservation
43-D. Repositioning a Multisite Organization
44-D. Bundled Payments: Share in Medicare Savings
61-D. Marketing Your Community to LGBT Seniors
62-D. Revisiting Your Brand Relevance
80-D. Crisis Management and Communications
81-D. Making the Practical Link Between Quality and Risk Management
82-D. Redefining Resident Engagement
102-D. Employment Law Update
103-D. Grassroots Advocacy: Tapping the Power in Your Communities
104-D. Home Health Policy Forum
119-D. Design Strategies for Big Living in Small Spaces
120-D. Breaking Barriers With Regulatory Change
135-D. Urban Gardening and Farming in Assisted Living
136-D. Transforming Your Organization Into a Community Hub
154-D. Building a Stable Nurse Workforce
155-D. Finding the Entrepreneur Within
156-D. Bridging the Gap: CEO Success in Philanthropy
10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
9-E. Innovative Memory Care: The Intersection of Technology and Design
10-E. Using Technology To Measure the Social Health of Residents
26-E. Culturally Competent Care: Addressing the Needs of LGBT Seniors
27-E. Creating Intentional Community in a Small House Environment
45-E. Addressing Changes in Financial Reporting for Life Plan Communities
46-E. Financing and Design of Affordable Senior Housing
63-E. Breaking Down Silos for Planned Giving Success
64-E. The Psychology of Language
65-E. Tying Inbound and Outbound Marketing Together
83-E. Care Coordination Model for Improved Outcomes and Satisfaction
84-E. Building a Successful Home Care Operation
85-E. HUD Issues Forum: Fair Housing Testers and Cyber Criminals
105-E. Managed Long-Term Services and Supports: Lessons for the Nation
106-E. Legal Perspectives From In-House Counsel
121-E. Designing Indoor Environments for Improved Quality of Life
122-E. Building BoomTown: A New Intergenerational Lifestyle Model
137-E. The Slippery Slope Between Functional and Frail in Independent Living Residents
138-E. Using Activity Programming To Combat Loneliness, Isolation and Depression
139-E. Developing Successful Wellness Programs
157-E. Best Practices in Board Recruitment and Retention
158-E. Developing a Collaborative Organization
159-E. Work-Study Programs: Engaging Tomorrow’s Workforce
12:30 - 5:00 p.m.
160-I. CEMO Leadership Forum
2:00 - 5:00 p.m.
172-T. Member Site Visit: Poydras Home
173-T. Member Site Visit: Woldenberg Village
174-T. Member Site Visit: Metairie Manor
3:30 - 5:00 p.m.
11-F. Protecting Your Data From Cyber Crime
12-F. Value-Based Programs: Monitoring, Tracking and Reporting
28-F. Meeting the Rising Acuity Needs in Assisted Living
29-F. Transition Support: Enhancing Self-Management at a Critical Crossroad
47-F. Life Care at Home: Expanding Your Footprint
48-F. From Traditional Skilled Nursing to Green House® Model
66-F. Creating a Grant-Ready Organization
67-F. Trading Places: Insider Insights From Marketing Experts
86-F. Disaster Planning: Be Prepared
87-F. Audit Therapy Protocols: A Playbook for Compliance-Minded Organizations and Boards
107-F. Mobilizing Grassroots Advocacy: A Resident-Provider Collaboration
108-F. Home and Community-Based Services Policy Forum
123-F. Memory Support Design 2020
124-F. Senior Living Development in Retail and Cultural Districts
140-F. Students as Wellness Coaches
141-F. Programming for the Spiritual Dimension of Wellness
161-F. Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention for Staff
162-F. Enriching Diversity To Support Innovation and Wisdom in the Boardroom
Wednesday, November 1, 2017
8:00 - 9:30 a.m.
13-G. Technology Master Planning for the Future
14-G. Using Voice Recognition Technology To Improve Quality of Life
30-G. Applying PACE Principles To Improve Care in Assisted Living
31-G. Comfort Care: Care Planning for People With Dementia
49-G. Expanding Into Home Health and Hospice
50-G. Bridging the Payment Divide: When Competitors Become Partners
51-G. Essential Financial Benchmarks for Life Plan Communities
68-G. Engaging Stakeholders for a Successful Fundraising Campaign
69-G. Addressing Occupancy and Operational Challenges
88-G. Creating an Amuse-Bouche Hospitality Culture
89-G. REAC Success Without the Stress
90-G. Addressing the Challenges for Senior Living: 2018 and Beyond
109-G. Fair Housing and the ADA: A Provider's Approach to Implementation
110-G. Mitigating Risk To Achieve Excellence
125-G. Demystifying Affordable Senior Housing in an Existing Community
126-G. The Next Generation of Senior Living: Designing for the Boomer Consumer
142-G. Integrating Employee Wellness Into the Framework of Your Organization
143-G. Dispelling Ageism Within Your Community
163-G. Combating Organizational Inertia
164-G. Moving up the Ranks: Lattice vs. Ladder
165-G. Community Continuity: Resident Response to Redevelopment
11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
15-H. Strategic Planning To Guide Technology Initiatives
32-H. I’m Still Here®: Communication Strategies for Dementia Care
33-H. Integrating Palliative Care Services in Long-Term Care Settings
52-H. State of Skilled Nursing Repositioning
53-H. Anatomy of an Affiliation
54-H. Integrated Service Models Delivering Population Health in Aging Services
70-H. Sales-Cycle Acceleration
71-H. Digital Marketing on a Dime
91-H. Using Visual Management Tools for Continuous Quality Improvement
92-H. The Evolution of the Continuing Care at Home Program Model
93-H. Running a Mixed-Income and Multigenerational Housing Community
111-H. Legal Update: Requirements of Participation
112-H. Developing a Compliance Infrastructure
127-H. Repositioning Conventional Dining Solutions
128-H. Rural Development With Big City Expectations
144-H. Expanding Life Enrichment Programming to the Greater Community
145-H. Java Mentorship: Peer Support Interventions for Residents
166-H. Purpose First Leadership
167-H. From Struggle to Synergy: Boomers and Millennials in the Workplace
168-H. Using Stories To Create Effective Teams and Organizations