PEAK Word Cloud Contest

PEAK Word Cloud Contest

Submit a Word Cloud and Win!

We are collecting words and phrases that paint a realistic picture about aging using an online program called Word Clouds. We will be displaying these word clouds during PEAK.

What is a word cloud? It is an image created using a selection of words that focus on a particular subject. And we are asking you to get creative!

Create your own word cloud by answering this question: How would you describe your future older self?

1.       Create a list of words in a Word document in response to the question above.
2.       Visit
3.       Click on the “word list” button.
4.       Copy paste your list into the “Paste/Type text” link. Click “apply.”
5.       Now, get creative, edit the shape, color, font, theme, etc.
6.       Once complete, click on “file” button and save as a JPG.
7.       Email the JPG to with subject line “Word cloud for PEAK.”

We will be collecting word clouds beginning Mar. 1 through the end of PEAK. All submissions will be entered in a drawing to win a free 2017 Annual Meeting registration in New Orleans!