BaseCamp Zones

To prepare your organization for the future, immerse yourself in the issues that matter. PEAK’s BaseCamp is a unique interactive environment that combines dynamic learning spaces and salon-style networking with hosted expert kiosks—creating a fresh new way for you to soak up information and re-direct your thinking. Topic-specific Zones define the experience, with dedicated areas that let you zero in on your leadership priorities.

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Zone 1: Financial Stewardship and Organizational Strength

Powered by Ziegler 

Being  financially and operationally strong is the foundation of every successful organization. In the Ziegler Financial Stewardship & Organizational Strength Zone, hear the latest research, trends and thought leadership on topics such as the senior living capital markets, characteristics of a  financially strong organization and the role of strategy in ensuring long-term financial viability.

Zone 2: Cyber Security: Challenges Affecting the Senior Living Sector

Powered by BlueOrange Compliance

Breaches are in our news cycle almost every day! Don’t wait for a suspected or an actual breach to occur before developing your cyber security plan. BlueOrange Compliance’s Cyber Security sessions will provide the guidance you need to ensure proper security measures are implemented prior to a potential incident or an OCR investigation.

Zone 3: The Future of Senior Living: 4 Pillars of the Well-Planned Master Plan 

Powered by THW Design, Clancy & Theys, DHG & GlynnDevins

To be successful requires your market to know how you are different and better providing a desired intangible value that cannot be found substituted or duplicated by another provider. To achieve this requires strategic thinking and alignmentof mission, cutting edge product and programming, price and a willingnessto change. THW Design, Clancy & Theys Construction, Dixon Hughes Goodman, and GlynnDevins come together as a powerhouse team to demonstrate a full complement of services, combining planning and design strategies and marketing solutions with a practical understanding of nancial, cost and phasing implications for long-term master planning. Let us help you make the best use of your resources and support your community’s vision.

Zone 5: Telling Your Story: Connecting with tomorrow’s discerning consumer

Powered by Varsity

Varsity is a boutique consulting rm focused on solutions for the eld of aging services. We’re bringing together experts from a range of disciplines to provide insights on connecting with consumers and other target audiences. Find out how other organizations have successfully identified and told their stories, how you can harness the power of digital marketing and what to do with all that data you’re accumulating. Join the conversation and share your own insights at Zone 5.


Powered by Ziegler 

The number of older adults and individuals with disabilities who may bene t from long-term services and supports to live independently is growing rapidly. Innovative technology has become an essential component of aging services for consumers, providers, government agencies and caregivers. Visit the Start Up Zone and check out the newest products and services designed to improve the aging experience and meet the change makers conceptualizing these new inventions.