Share Your Caregiving Story with Advance CLASS

Members | October 02, 2012

has released two video stories about the need for transforming how we pay for long-term services and supports and is collecting additional stories to help policymakers understand why they need to address this problem. Volunteers can also serve as local champions to keep the issue top of mind among legislators and the media.

Advance CLASS, a national advocacy organization dedicated to the implementation of a strong and vital long-term services and supports program, has captured 2 compelling stories that, once again, show why our country needs a national solution to how we pay for long-term services and supports. 

Below are the stories of the Dwyer and Garcia families, both of whom are struggling with caregiving and how to pay for it. 

The Dwyer Family

Jenny Dwyer is caring for her husband with Lou Gehrig's Disease and Violet Garcia cares for her mother with Alzheimer's disease.

The Garcia Family

CLASS Act as a Framework

The videos are part of a broader Advance CLASS initiative to collect caregiving stories. The group will post the stories on its website and share it with members of Congress. The goal is to remind legislators that the CLASS Act provides a framework for addressing the issue of caregiving.

Share Your Story

If you are struggling to pay for long-term services or supports, I hope you will share your story with Advance CLASS. In addition, Advance CLASS is recruiting ambassadors to attend town hall meetings and submit letters to the editor to raise the question of how candidates will address long-term services and supports if elected. 

You can view their ambassador toolkit and contact Kate Josephson if you would like to participate.