The Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured released Money Follows the Person: A 2011 Survey of Transitions, Services and Costs, an issue paper based on an August 2011 survey of states about the current status of their MFP demonstrations.

Key findings

According to the report:  

  • Nearly 17,000 individuals have transitioned back to the community.
  • 5,700 transitions are currently in progress. 
  • 3 states (Ohio, Texas and Washington) transitioned 46% of all individuals who returned to the community from nursing homes. 
  • 8.3% were re-institutionalized after being transitioned back into the community through the Money Follows the Person program. 
  • The average monthly cost of serving a Money Follows the Person participant in the community was approximately $9400 per person. 
  • 18 states said that the Money Follows the Person costs were lower than nursing home services under Medicaid. 
  • 2 states reported that the costs were comparable to nursing home costs. 

The Money Follows the Person demonstration program was started 5 years ago and was expanded under the Affordable Care Act.