On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your organization’s online customer service? 

The tremendous growth in Internet visits and leads over the past few years means senior living communities need to think about how they can better deliver an exceptional online experience for potential residents, professional influencers and family members.

According to our senior living community digital knowledge base, we see at least 35% to 45% of initial inquiries coming from a community’s website. In fact, one of our clients experienced a jump from 16% of their leads coming from the Internet in 2011, to over 36% in 2012.

As you re-evaluate your online strategy when it comes to customer engagement in 2013, here are 6 questions to ask:

  1. How quickly does your organization respond to leads generated via your website? (This includes those who submitted inquiries online or called the community after spending time researching online.)
  2. Does your community offer the option to chat online on your website as a way to deliver immediate customer service?
  3. Should you have one or more sales counselors assigned to manage and respond to digital leads on a daily basis?
  4. Is your website creating a positive first impression?
  5. Is your sales team’s process for delivering information digitally different than when they engage with a prospect over the phone?
  6. Are you engaging with your social media followers and responding to their questions and comments when they’re posted on social sites?

A Harvard Business Review article states that responding to online leads within an hour generates 7X the conversations. Delivering a superior online customer experience is increasingly important, so keep focusing on small steps you can take to deliver for your online prospects, and your community will definitely reap the benefits. 

Let me know if you’re doing something exceptional with your digital customer experience – We’d love to hear how your community is handling virtual selling.

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