Caring Workplace Program Offers Caregivers In-Office Support

Members | June 21, 2011

The Caring Workplace services offers working caregivers access to services that can help both them and their loved ones.

St. Andrews Solutions in St. Louis, MO, developed the Caring Workplace program to give working caregivers access to experts that can help them select the best care and service options for their loved ones.

Each company that signs up for the program is assigned an eldercare specialist who meets one on one with caregivers to assess their loved ones' needs and offers recommendations for services that can help them as well as the person they care for, including counseling services,  home repairs, adult day care and home health services.

There is also an "Ask the Care Manager" section where all individuals can submit questions online.

More than 20 companies in the St. Louis participate in this program and it continues to grow as more workers take on caregiving responsibilties.