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LeadingAge magazine January/February 2013

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  • LeadingAge e-mag Jan-Feb13 NeedsAssmt EHM smile 100x100

    Needs Assessments Take a Wide-Angle View

    More than just “market research,” a good community needs assessment is an important step in developing new services as consumer needs change. Here is a look at how some providers are learning about consumers and re-imagining their futures.

    BY Dianne Molvig
  • LeadingAge e-mag Jan-Feb13 CustSvc CtrLt red cards 100x100

    Maintaining a Culture of Customer Service

    Excellent service to consumers is the goal of all long-term care organizations. And there are as many ways to approach it as there are providers. Three LeadingAge members show how they are striving for this goal.

    BY Linda Barbarotta
  • LeadingAge e-mag Jan-Feb13 Housing Mercy women red vest 100x100

    Can We Boost Consumer Choice for Low-Income Housing Residents?

    Choice cannot be something reserved only for affluent consumers. How are affordable housing providers giving residents creative service options and a sense of control over their lives?

    BY Gene Mitchell
  • LeadingAge e-mag Jan-Feb13 SocMedia Redstone 100x100

    Social Media Offer Low Costs, High Benefits for Providers

    Providers are using social media to reach more potential residents or clients, build goodwill for their communities, raise funds and increase socialization among residents and families.

    BY Kim Fernandez
  • LeadingAge e-mag Jan-Feb13 Cabinet TOC 100x100

    Engaging Consumers Means “Partnering With” Rather Than “Delivering To” Seniors

    The LeadingAge Engaging Consumers Cabinet is charged with finding ways to make providers the most trusted guides to the complexities of aging services. Its leaders explain their priorities.

    BY Gene Mitchell
  • LeadingAge e-mag Jan-Feb13 NextAve logo 100x100

    Next Avenue Helps Older Adults Write Their Next Acts

    A place “where grown-ups can keep growing,” Next Avenue is a website to help consumers 50 and over live life to the fullest, with help from a group of distinguished content providers, including LeadingAge.

    BY Gene Mitchell
  • LeadingAge e-mag Jan-Feb13 People BptVill Beckham 100x100

    A Passion for Helping That Never Fades

    Meet some of the elders who come from all walks of life and bring tremendous histories, wisdom and energy to their communities, along with the dedicated staff who make our work possible.

    BY The Members of LeadingAge
  • LeadingAge e-mag Jan-Feb13 Student Immersion 100x100

    This Gerontology Student Lives for Homework

    A long-time relationship between this provider organization and a university gerontology program led to a unique one-year experiment in “immersion research” for one student.

    BY Stuart Greenbaum


LeadingAge e-mag Jan-Feb13 Vision 100x100


Long-Term Care, Through a Consumer’s Eyes

LeadingAge e-mag Jan-Feb13 Mitchell 100x100

From the Editor

Understanding Consumers: Providers Embrace Endless Effort

  • Wisdom

    When We Are the Consumers

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