LeadingAge Grassroots Campaigns

LeadingAge thanks its members for their advocacy on the regulatory reform, Medicaid, and affordable housing letter-writing and call-in grassroots campaigns. With your help, we’ve generated almost 10,000 letters and phone calls to lawmakers. But we must continue this advocacy effort. We’ve extended the campaigns and encourage providers to continue their outreach. Access details of the campaigns and spread the word to your networks. For more information, please contact Marsha Padilla-Goad at 202-508-9442.

Budget Request Expected March 14

President Donald Trump’s first budget request, for fiscal year 2018 (FY18), is expected to be delivered to Congress on Mar. 14. Now that the new Office of Management and Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney, has been confirmed by the full Senate, the Administration can move ahead on its federal spending policies.

Reports continue to surface from Hill offices and the media that the FY18 request will mirror The Heritage Foundation’s Blueprint for Balance: A Federal Budget for 2017, which recommends cutting federal spending by $10.5 trillion over 10 years. This blueprint recommends eliminating many federal programs. The Heritage Foundation has also recommended many policy reforms to the Administration in a companion document, Blueprint for Reform: A Comprehensive Policy Agenda for a New Administration in 2017. In this set of recommendations, Heritage recommends block granting all subsidized housing programs to state governments and eliminating their federal funding streams over a 10-year period.

LeadingAge expects to see an overview of President Trump’s budget request on Mar. 14, with a more thorough request coming in late April or May. We will be reviewing the Mar. 14 budget request in detail to assess the impact of its proposal on our members. When the full budget request is released in April or May, we will provide an analysis of how the programs our members rely on to serve older adults would individually fare if Congress were to enact them for the FY18 cycle. Unlike the receipt of budget requests from a Democrat in the White House to a Republican-controlled Congress, President Trump’s FY18 request will be given great attention and consideration by the House and Senate.

Senate Finance Committee Hearing on Seema Verma to Head CMS

On Feb. 16, the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing on Seema Verma’s nomination to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

Following the Finance Committee’s hearing on Secretary’s Price’s nomination, LeadingAge submitted a statement on the need for reconsideration of the nursing home requirements of participation. We submitted a question on this issue to several senators in advance of the hearing on Ms. Verma’s nomination. A question on regulatory reform did come up at that hearing, and Ms. Verma replied that she would be willing to examine regulatory issues. We will follow up with her and with Secretary Price.