LeadingAge Introduces Housing Plus Services Learning Collaborative

by Published On: Oct 23, 2012

LeadingAge and Enterprise Community Partners are launching a Learning Collaborative to build strategies that improve outcomes for senior residents while producing cost savings to the health and long-term care systems.

What is the Learning Collaborative?

The Learning Collaborative is a platform for teams (consisting of nonprofit, affordable, independent housing providers and their service provider partners) to develop and refine their affordable housing and services models over a 2-year period. Teams will participate in peer-to-peer learning through in-person meetings, webinars, and virtual activities to help build their knowledge and capacity in areas such as:

  • Service interventions.
  • Partnership development.
  • Financing mechanisms.
  • Outcome measurement.
  • Data collection systems and processes.

This collaborative will help move the industry beyond “boutique” programs to develop replicable and financeable solutions that address the needs of varied senior populations, are comprehensive, and are integrated with larger community initiatives. Throughout the duration of the collaborative, lessons learned and tools developed will be shared with the field at large.

Who is Participating?

Twelve teams will participate in this initial pilot of the Learning Collaborative, many of which are LeadingAge members. Participants are:

Stewards for Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF) is also participating in the Learning Collaborative, providing strategic policy support.

The Goals of the Learning Collaborative Include 

  • Improving health and service outcomes for senior residents while producing cost savings to the health care system.
  • Identifying the elements/components of successful housing with services models and building the capacity of local actors to implement and sustain these strategies.
  • Informing systemic change that will support the development, replication and sustainability of housing with services models on a national scale.
  • Developing indicators and measuring success of implementation and outcomes, further contributing to the research and thought leadership in the field of aging and community development.
  • Providing seed capital to support housing-with-services models developed by Learning Collaborative teams and finance scalable solutions.

How long will the Collaborative last?

The first convening of Learning Collaborative members met in October 2012 in Denver. The collaborative will continue to meet over the duration of the 2-year period.


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