LeadingAge Insights

LeadingAge Insights is a collection of tools to help members better understand their own performance and their market position. With the added advantage of easy access to experts in the field, these tools help members improve their performance and competitiveness. Operated as a partnership of LeadingAge and your state association, these tools are available free of charge to LeadingAge provider members. Click to Play LeadingAge Insights Video

Market Position Reports Market Position Reports
by Avalere, powered by VANTAGE CPS

LeadingAge has engaged Avalere to produce a subset of market analysis reports derived from detailed analysis of Medicare data, custom-designed to fit the needs of our members.

The LeadingAge tailored Vantage CPS reports include:

  • Readmissions analysis for a single market
  • Market share by provider type for a single market
  • Length of stay by provider type for a single market
LeadingAge Quality Metrics LeadingAge Quality Metrics

LeadingAge Quality Metrics is a set of interactive data tools that assists nursing homes and home health agencies analyze how they measure up to their peers, demonstrate value, and improve performance.

Market Snapshot Reports Market Snapshot Reports

LeadingAge released a series of reports that focus on trends in long-term services and supports that present information about 8 different sectors that includes data, comparisons to other sectors, and member testimonials.

LeadingAge Survey and Certification Reports LeadingAge Survey and Certification Reports

LeadingAge produces data reports for member nursing homes with a member's individual facility data compared to others in the state and nation.

Nursing Home 5-Star Analysis Report Nursing Home 5-Star Analysis Report

The 5-Star Analysis Report, disseminated quarterly by LeadingAge State Associations to their members, helps providers understand how their 5-star ratings are calculated and highlights where they could gain or lose points. It includes information on their past three health inspections, staffing, and quality measure ratings. For a sample report click here. An interactive staffing template allows providers to input current RUGS III data and reported staffing hours to calculate “what-if” scenarios to assess the impact of changes to resident case mix and/or staffing hours on staffing ratings. If you are a member and have not received your quarterly report, please contact your State Association.

Ask the Avalere Expert Ask the Avalere Expert

Allows all LeadingAge members to submit 2 questions about their Market Position reports.

Ask the MDS Expert Ask the MDS Expert

Get real-time responses to your biggest MDS questions from nurse and master teacher on MDS — Judy Wilhide Brandt, R.N., B.A., RAC-MT

Ask the Housing Expert Ask the Housing Expert

Get real-time responses to your biggest preservation and finance-related housing questions from Gates Dunaway, a national expert on affordable housing preservation.