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Housing and Health Care: A Toolkit for Building Partnerships

Published On: Dec 18, 2014

Providers of affordable senior housing want to help older adults remain healthy and independent for as long as possible. Health care entities like hospitals and physicians want the same thing.  

Working together, housing and health care partners can launch initiatives that lead to improved health, safety and quality of life for low-income older adults facing multiple health and social challenges.

How do housing-health partnerships work? How can you implement them and ensure their success? Our Housing and Health Partnerships toolkit can help you answer these questions.

The video above shows how housing properties can help hospitals and physicians keep their patients healthy.

PEAK register graphicA Guide to Collaboration

How can housing and health providers work together to make life better for older adults? This guide will help you create a housing-health partnership that benefits everyone.

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Access the complete guide or click below to open individual sections.

 Housing and Health Partnerships: Why Now?

 Benefits of a Housing and Health Partnership

 Health Care Challenges That Housing Can Help Address

 How Housing and Health Entities Can Collaborate

 How To: Identifying and Cultivating a Partner

 How to: Structuring & Implementing the Partnership

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What’s in it for Housing Providers

Watch this short video to learn how collaboration with health entities can help housing communities support residents and maintain a well-managed property.

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Insights from Health Care Practitioners

In the video interviews below, health care practitioners talk about their own collaborations with affordable housing communities. They also offer their insights regarding the benefits that patients, health care providers, and payers are likely to reap when housing and health care entities work together.

Craig Jones, MD, discusses how the Support And Services at Home (SASH) program has contributed to Vermont’s health reform efforts. Based in affordable senior housing, SASH helps participants address and coordinate their health and social service needs. Learn more about SASH.   KC Ogbonna, PharmD, shares insights on the Richmond Health and Wellness Program (RHWP), a clinic operated in an affordable housing community. RHWP provides an interprofessional training venue for future care providers, while helping vulnerable elderly residents manage their health care needs. Learn more about RHWP.

Jeffrey Brenner, MD, describes why health care providers should target affordable housing communities; discusses opportunities to address a range of health needs, including the needs of “super-utilizers,” within the housing setting; and offers tips for sharing information between health and housing partners. Learn more about a housing property that is addressing the needs of complex patients with Dr. Brenner’s help.

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More Tools

ROI Calculator

Want to estimate the financial value of your housing-health partnership? This Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator can help.

How Can Housing Help?
Download this one-pager describing the multiple ways housing properties can help facilitate good health outcomes. Use the document as a handout or borrow its contents to prepare your own case for a housing-health partnership.
Lost in Translation?
Housing and health care entities operate in different worlds. Here are some documents to help each group understand a little more about each other's language and operations.

What is Affordable Senior Housing?

Speaking Health Care's Language

Difference between Medicare and Medicaid

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