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Housing Finance

The latest information on funding availability for HUD-subsidized Section 202 housing. This section also provides updates and information on regulatory guidance and legislative advocacy around housing finance, refinancing and preservation.

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Featured Content

How Are Members Benefiting from the New Section 8 Renewal Guide?

The Section 8 renewal guide FAQ includes a significant new preservation opportunity  - namely the ability of a non-profit owner to qualify for an Option 1, “Mark-up-to-Market” (“MU2M”) HAP contract under Option 1b. 

HUD Issues Comprehensive Manual for Preserving Section 236 Properties

All Section 236 loans will mature in the next 3 years, so HUD is encouraging all owners and managers of Section 236 projects to take advantage of regulatory requirements, incentives, and other affordability options available now to preserve their properties as affordable housing.   The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) posted How to Preserve and Recapitalize a Section 236 Property a recent a webinar offering training and information on such preservation financial considerations as mortgage prepayment and IRP decoupling, rental considerations, applying for tenant protection vouchers, and taking a project with RAP or Rent Supplement subsidy through a RAD conversion.

HUD Clarifies Rules for Transferring Section 8 from One Property to Another

Gates Dunaway provides analysis and insights into HUD's latest guidance on transferring Section 8.8bb describes how and when owners who find themselves with properties that are perhaps beyond repair, or for other reasons not suitable for continued Section 8 subsidy assistance may transfer the Section 8 contract, or a part of the contract, to another more suitable property.

2016 Income Limits for HUD and Tax Credit Programs

Each year, HUDUser published Section 8 income limits for the various HUD multifamily programs, and for the tax credit programs as well. Details can be found on HUDUser.

Members of Congress Voice Support for Section 202 Funding

A total of 94 Members of Congress sent two letters to Senate and House Appropriations Committees urging funding for HUD’s Section 202 Housing for the Elderly Program