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The latest information on operational, regulatory, legislative and legal issues relating to subsidized and market-rate senior housing.

Senior Housing: Why and How Do We Advocate?

Housing is a basic human need that growing numbers of elders and people with disabilities cannot afford.  LeadingAge and its members are the chief advocates for a strong federal role in affordable senior housing – development, preservation and management including housing with supportive services. The programs for which we have worked over several decades face a number of challenges. We continue to advocate for creative solutions to ensure safe, decent and affordable housing for our nation’s elders.

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Targeting Millennials: Creating A Millennial-Friendly Workplace (Part 1)

Millennials, defined by most researchers as anyone born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s, are the fastest growing segment of today’s job market. In fact, by the year 2020, it has been estimated that they will make up half of the workforce.

Is There an Employee Engagement Honeymoon Period?

Employees within their first year of employment are significantly more engaged than employees who have been with their employers longer than one year. A little over one half all of first year employees fall in a category we call ...

Utility Analysis -- Latest HUD Guidance and New FAQ

A new FAQ document was released as part of RHIIP Listserv Posting # 338, issued September 9, 2015, and contains responses to 34 questions regarding Housing Notice H-2015-04, Methodology for Completing a Multifamily Housing Utility Analysis that members should find useful.  This, in addition to the earlier notice and a related memorandum are intended, cumulatively, to encourage owner/agents to engage more fully in energy efficiency efforts including data collection and benchmarking.

Supportive Services Research Demonstration Status Update

HUD announced January 20 the availability of $15 million in funding for up to 80 participants in a new Supportive Services Demonstration for Elderly Households in HUD-Assisted Multifamily Housing.   The purpose of the Demonstration is to produce valid evidence about the impact of supportive services for the elderly on health outcomes. The deadline was recently extended from April 18 to April 22. And Awards, initially due in July, are now not expected until around November 2016.

How Are Members Benefiting from the New Section 8 Renewal Guide?

The Section 8 renewal guide FAQ includes a significant new preservation opportunity  - namely the ability of a non-profit owner to qualify for an Option 1, “Mark-up-to-Market” (“MU2M”) HAP contract under Option 1b.