Housing Plus Services

Housing plus services is an exciting component of affordable senior housing, offering low-income seniors more opportunity to remain independent and in their own homes. 

LeadingAge is working with HUD and Congress to create more opportunities for expanding and researching housing with services. This section provides updates on these national efforts as well as examples of LeadingAge members who are implementing successful housing plus services models in their communities. 

In addition, the Leading Age Center for Applied Research has been studying the role that housing plus services could play in meeting the growing need for health and long-term services and supports among low-income elders. You can check out the Center for Applied Research’s work in housing plus services


  1. HUD Programs Deserve Expansion, Not Cuts

    The attention-grabbing article explains how HUD rental assistance works, discusses the impact over the years that even so-called “flat funding” has had on programs (effectively reducing the number of units that can be funded) and how discretionary funding is under attack. Couch lauds the Section 202 program as “government ...

  2. Who Should Apply for the $3,000 Health Equity Award?

    Are you thinking about nominating someone for the new Award for Health Equity, which will be presented at this year’s LeadingAge Annual Meeting and Expo? Then be sure to check out the March/April issue of LeadingAge Magazine.

  3. Member Chat: Building Affordable Housing Without Government Subsidies

    Garden Spot Village in New Holland, PA, plans to provide affordable housing and services to low-income older adults without using any government subsidies. CEO Steve Lindsey talks about the project in this interview with LeadingAge.

  4. Timely HUD Updates at LeadingAge PEAK Conference

    HUD Officials Provide Timely Updates at LeadingAge PEAK Conference Members appreciated hearing from an articulate and engaged panel of career HUD staffers during the LeadingAge PEAK conference HUD management update and housing policy sessions. Bob Iber, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multifamily Housing, spoke ...

  5. White House: Cut HUD by More than 13%

    The request seeks $40.7 billion for HUD in FY18. This is 13% below HUD's FY16 level and 15% below the average of the House Appropriations Committee-passed and Senate-passed FY17 HUD bill (and even lower still than ...