Housing Plus Services

Housing plus services is an exciting component of affordable senior housing, offering low-income seniors more opportunity to remain independent and in their own homes. 

LeadingAge is working with HUD and Congress to create more opportunities for expanding and researching housing with services. This section provides updates on these national efforts as well as examples of LeadingAge members who are implementing successful housing plus services models in their communities. 

In addition, the Leading Age Center for Applied Research has been studying the role that housing plus services could play in meeting the growing need for health and long-term services and supports among low-income elders. You can check out the Center for Applied Research’s work in housing plus services


  1. HUD Announces Awards for Supportive Services Demonstration Grants

    In a press release issued January 13, HUD announces $15 million in awards to test a new approach to help low-income seniors age in place. With these new grants,

  2. HUD Videos Encourage Adoption of Homeless Preference

    The short video Multifamily Homeless Preference: Owners ...

  3. Service Coordinator Reports and Forms Updated, Eliminated and Changed

    Late last year, HUD received approval from the federal Office of Management and Budget to revise and eliminate some forms used in the Service Coordinator in Multifamily Housing for the Elderly and Disabled program.  Following is an overview of the changes: The form HUD-50080-SCMF will now be submitted ...

  4. Service Coordinator Grant Extensions and/or Project-Based Funding

    HUD is also processing renewals for grants that will expire through August, so any grantee in this category should submit their request/budget to the field office ASAP. This year, HUD is using an inflation factor of 1.7%, so grantees can submit a budget requesting an amount not to exceed a 1.7% increase over the amount ...

  5. Service Coordinator eLOCCS Form Revisions Posted for Public Comment

    In particular, this notice seeks public comment on a revised LOCCS Payment Voucher form HUD-50080-SCMF.  Subsequent to the publication, HUD ...