Housing Plus Services

Housing plus services is an exciting component of affordable senior housing, offering low-income seniors more opportunity to remain independent and in their own homes. 

LeadingAge is working with HUD and Congress to create more opportunities for expanding and researching housing with services. This section provides updates on these national efforts as well as examples of LeadingAge members who are implementing successful housing plus services models in their communities. 

In addition, the Leading Age Center for Applied Research has been studying the role that housing plus services could play in meeting the growing need for health and long-term services and supports among low-income elders. You can check out the Center for Applied Research’s work in housing plus services


  1. Timely Insights from HUD Multifamily DAS

    During a discussion with LeadingAge and a coalition of other housing provider, HUD staff gave timely updates on a range of topics. Among the most significant issues, the status of service coordinator grant funding for FY17,   After more than seven months without funding: HUD ...

  2. Full 202 Funding, Cuts to Other HUD Programs in House Bill

    President Trump has requested cuts to most every housing program for FY18, including the Section 202 Housing for the Elderly program and other programs that assist very low income older adults. The Trump Administration has also proposed freezing owner / sponsor rents and increasing rents for residents. With its July 11 bill, ...

  3. How Hebrew SeniorLife Plans to Bring Wellness to Housing

    An 18-month demonstration program implemented by Hebrew SeniorLife will test whether an onsite wellness team could help residents of affordable senior housing remain healthier and more independent.

  4. Providers Get Less, Residents Pay More Under Trump HUD Request

      The White House’s FY18 budget request for HUD: Provides insufficient funding to renew the 97,900 Section 202 Project Rental Assistance Contracts (PRACs) up for renewal in ...

  5. LTSS Center Will Study Financing Options for Housing Plus Services

    The LeadingAge LTSS Center @UMass Boston (formerly CFAR) will spend the next year exploring potential financing mechanisms for programs that integrate housing and health care.