High-Tech Aging: Improving Lives Today

by Published On: Dec 19, 2012Updated On: Apr 03, 2013

LeadingAge CAST has just released, "High-Tech Aging: Improving Lives Today," a vision video that shows how current technology can facilitate coordinated care and aging in place. The video demonstrates the possibilities through the story of Alma, an 83-year-old woman whose journey from home to hospital, rehabilitation and back home is assisted by technology. 

Full Version of High-Tech Aging

Two-Minute Version of High-Tech Aging

Download High-Tech Aging

You may also want to download the movie. We offer 2 versions of each movie: A .WMV file, which is easily embedded in PowerPoint presentations, and an .MP4 file. When you click below on your version's link, a zip file will begin downloading.

Download the 10-minute version (.wmv) (.mp4).

Download the 2-minute version (.wmv) (.mp4).

Companion Articles 

This ongoing 12-part series that will examine the host of aging services technologies that were highlighted in the video.

More About the Film

"High-Tech Aging: Improving Lives Today" is a follow-up to "Imagine -- The Future of Aging," which chronicled an older gentleman's technology-enhanced care and was released in 2005. 

That video included computer-generated technologies that were not available for purchase. All of the videos in High-Tech Aging are currently on the market, though infrequently used together.

LeadingAge CAST acknowledges the generous support of the following organizations, whose support made this video possible:


American Baptist Homes of The West

Care Innovations™, an Intel-GEcompany

Front Porch Communities and Services and the Front Porch Center for Technology Innovation & Wellbeing

Western Home Communities

Selfhelp Innovations, a program of Selfhelp Community Services, Inc.

The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society

CEA Foundation

Asbury Retirement Communities

Lutheran Homes of South Carolina

The video was filmed on location at Asbury Methodist Village in Gaithersburg, MD.


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