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January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2020

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LeadingAge Future Meeting Dates

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MDS Series: Part 5 Breaking Down the MDS: Sections K and L
A review of MDS Section K items involving accurate calculations about Percent Intake by Artificial Route.
Involuntary Transfer and Discharge from Nursing Homes: Prevention, Advocacy, and Appeals: Part 2
The National Legal Resource Center invites you to join the next two sessions of the National Elder Rights Training Project Webinar Series.
MDS Series: Part 6 Breaking Down the MDS: Section J; Eliminating Alarms and Reducing Falls
As we continue our guidance for accurate coding of the MDS, we will focus on the pain assessment, falls, and the other health conditions detailed in Section J.
MDS Series: Part 7 Breaking Down the MDS: Sections O and Q
This session will look at Section 0 (Special Treatments, Procedures, and Programs) of MDS 3.0.
MDS Series: Part 8 Breaking Down the MDS: Sections M, N and P
A review of the coding of the items in Section M, especially staging of pressure ulcers, accurate coding of present on admission and worsening pressure ulcers.
Miami Jewish Health Systems 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Gala
75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Gala for Miami Jewish Health Systems.
MDS Series Part 9: Breaking Down the MDS: Sections V, Z and Working the CAAs
We will review the documentation components required for the completion of the items in Section V on the actual MDS and how that information provides the foundation for the resident’s plan of care.
2015 PEAK Leadership Summit
Mar. 16, 2015 - Mar. 18, 2015
Executive education content, high-caliber speakers, and expert-led strategy sessions through specialized education formats.
Great Minds Gala
A fundraising event created to honor LeadingAge member organizations and individuals for positively impacting the care and support of those with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.
MDS Series Part 11: Medicare Reviews ARE Reality, Is your Facility Really Ready?
As part of your corporate compliance program the facility must be ready at all times for continued and ever increasing scrutiny of Medicare claims — both Part A and Part B. The government continues to surpass the targeted goals to recapture overpayments to providers.